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Virginia and United States History

John Locke
Thomas Paine
Thomas Jefferson
Patrick Henry
George Washington
Benjamin Franklin
James Madison
George Mason
Chief Justice John Marshall
John Adams
Alexander Hamilton
Lewis and Clark
Eli Whitney
Andrew Jackson
Nat Turner
Gabriel Prosser
William Lloyd Garrison
Elizabeth Cady Stanton
Harriet Beecher Stowe
Susan B. Anthony
Abraham Lincoln
Ulysses S. Grant
Robert E. Lee
Jefferson Davis
Frederick Douglass
Andrew Johnson
Thomas Edison
Alexander Graham Bell
Wright Brothers
Henry Ford
Andrew Carnegie
J.P. Morgan
John D. Rockefeller
Cornelius Vanderbilt
Ida B. Wells
Booker T. Washington
W.E.B Dubois
Theodore Roosevelt
Woodrow Wilson
Samuel Gompers
Eugene V. Debs
Secretary of State John Hay
President Taft
Franklin Roosevelt
President Eisenhower
President Harry Truman
"Rosie the Riveter"
President Nixon
President John F. Kennedy
President Lyndon B. Johnson
Fidel Castro
Alger Hiss, Julius and Ethel Rosenburg
Senator Joseph McCarthy
President Ronald Reagan
George H.W. Bush
William J. Clinton
George W. Bush
Thurgood Marshall
Oliver Hill
Martin Luther King, Jr.
Sandra Day O'Connor
Ruth Bader Ginsburg
Clarence Thomas
John Glenn
Neil Armstrong
Sally Ride
First Permanent English Settlement(Jamestown)
First Africans brought to Jamestown
Virginia House of Burgesses
Proclamation of 1763
Revolutionary War began
Declaration of Independence
Revolutionary War ended w Battle of Yorktown
Created by: Shannen.Coch1