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Final review

Review for the FINAL

Define Culture A way of life
Define Geography Study of people, their environment and resources
What are the Geographical features in the US? From west-> East Rocky Mts.-> Great Plains -> Mississippi river->Appalachian Mts.
Name an example of a primary source Diary, picture
Name an example of a secondary source Textbook
Where was the Land Bridge that Native Americans used? The land bridge connected Asia to North America
What animals are in great quantity on the Great Plains? Buffalo
T/F Native Americans developed many different cultures? True
How did the Iroquois adapt to their environment? Iroquois used the resources in their enviroment: wood from trees for houses, land for farming, etc.
What was Columbus's goal? Reach Asia by going west
What are the results of Columbus's voyage? 1)Native Americans lost their land 2)Europeans learned about America 3)Spain made settlements
What was the reason for settling Plymouth, MD and PA Religious freedom
What was Jamestown's cash crop Tobacco
Define Mercantilism? The purpose of the colonies is to make England rich (to serve the " Mother Country"
What was the purpose of the "Join or Die" cartoon? The 13 Colonies should join together, unite to become one government
the Proclamation of 1763 said that Colonists can't go west of the Appalachian Mts.
What was the primary purpose of the Declaration of Independence? To explain why the colonists needed to be independent and justify why they revolted
During which conflict was the Deceleration of Independence written? Revolutionary War
What was Valley Forge? Winter 1777-78 Washington's troops suffer harsh conditions
Why is the Battle of Saratoga important? victory convinces France to help the patriot cause its the turning point of the war
What was the weakness of the Articles of Confederation ? Didn't give enough power to the central govt
What is the cabinet? A group of advisers to the president
How many branches of government are there? 3 branches
What does the legislative branch do? Make laws
What does the executive branch do? Carries out the laws
What does the judicial branch do? Interprets the laws
What is the system of checks and balances ensure? That any one branch doesn't get too much power
What branch does the Supreme Court? Judicial Branch
Why is the Louisiana Purchase important? Doubles the size of the United States and gave us the port of New Orleans
What was the result of the War of 1812? France lost all land in North America
The Monroe Doctrine It stops European countries from interfering in the Americas
What is the Industrial Revolution? Inventions that improved farming and textile industries
What is the importance of the cotton gin increases the need for slaves in the south
What is the Manifest Destiny? Belief that the US should stretch from coast to coast
What happens in Seneca Falls? In the 1840's it becomes the center of women's right movement
Why did people move west in 1849? Gold Rush
What is the Abolitionist movement? People who didn't want slavery
Who wrote Uncle Tom's Cabin? Harriet Beecher Stowe
What was Uncle Tom's Cabin A book showing the bad side of slavery
What was Lincoln main goal of the Civil War To preserve the Union
What did the Emancipation Proclamation do? Freed the slaves in the states that were in the Confederacy
What happened at Fort Sumter Started the Civil War
Sectionalism and secession of southern states are Causes of the Civil War
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