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Buzzwords again

For "The Road Not Taken"

Apathy noun Lack of interest, enthusiasm, or concern.
Bereft adjective Deprived of or lacking something, especially a non-material asset.
Brevity noun Concise and exact use of words in writing or speech.
Bystander noun A person who is present at an event or incident but does not take part.
Countenance noun A person's face or facial expression.
Daunted verb Make (someone) feel intimidated or apprehensive.
Diminutive adjective Extremely or unusually small.
Discernible adjective Able to be discerned; perceptible.
Diverge verb (of a road, route, or line) Separate from another route, especially a main one, and go in a different direction.
Elusive adjective Difficult to find, catch, or achieve.
Miscreant noun A person who behaves badly or in a way that breaks the law.
Protrude verb Extend beyond or above a surface.
Ragamuffin noun A person, typically a child, in ragged, dirty clothes.
Reverberate verb (of a loud noise) Be repeated several times as an echo.
Rubbish noun {BRITISH} Waste material; refuse or litter.
Scrutinize verb Examine or inspect closely and thoroughly.
Tirade noun A long, angry speech of criticism or accusation.
Utopia noun An imagined place or state of things in which everything is perfect.
Vagabond noun A person who wanders from place to place without a home or job.
Vindicate verb Clear (someone) of blame or suspicion.
Created by: 21vergara