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SS Review Part 2

7th grade TX History 2nd Semester Review

Why was the relationship between TX and MX a key issue in Texas' foreign relations? MX refused to acknowledge Texas' Independence, and other countries were hesitant because they feared of MX getting mad
Describe the events of the Santa Fe Expedition: -convince the people of Santa Fe to join Republic -Indians attacked them -food and water in short supply -MX troops waiting for then at Santa Fe -captured and brought to MX City -60 Texans died -Santa Fe Expedition was a failure
Who was Jack Coffee Hays? -ideal Ranger who met Woll at Salado Creek and forced him to retreat back to M -fearless, capable, and loyal -would later become hero in Mexican-American War
What did Houston do to spark the Archives War? he ordered TX rangers to bring the govt. archives to Washington-on-the-Brazos
Describe the events of the Mier Expedition: -Gen. Somervell was to recapture the prisoners taken by Gen. Woll at Rio Grande -when at it, he realized he didn't have enough supplies, and ordered for retreat -300 disobeyed an invaded MX -MX soldiers were waiting for them -every 10 person shot
Who was Anson Jones? -doctor from Brazoria and a veteran of the Battle of San Jacinto -served in TX Congress as a secretary of state under Houston -received Houston's support in 1844 election and won presidency
What were the terms of the joint resolution passes by Congress in 1845? -TX would enter the US as a state -could keep its public lands, but some would be sold to pay public debt -TX would have to turn much of its public property, such as military supplies over to US
What were to goals/results of the Convention of 1845? approved annexation and began to work on a new constitution
What were some of the reasons TX wanted to be annexed into the US? -some had family in US -had strong business ties -provide military protection and postal service
What officially made TX the 28th state of US? President Polk signed the TX Admission Act
Executive Branch -gov. headed -2 yr terms -more than 4 yrs in 6 yr term -sign or veto laws -administers laws -nominates state judges -commands state militia -appoints Executive members
Legislative Branch -writes state laws -sets the state budget -can override executive veto -can propose constitutional amendments -impeach judges and executive officials
Judicial Branch -supreme court -interprets the Constitution and Laws -reviews lower state court decisions
What were the reasons for the conflict of annexation of TX? -disputes of TX-MX border -MX govt. ordered American settlers to leave CA -US citizens wanted to be paid for damage to their property
What were the terms of the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo? -MX officially recognized TX as part of US -gave up all claims to the territory between Nueces and Rio Grande -MX agreed to cede 529,000 sq. mi. of territory including CA for $15 million
What was Clay's plan called AND what were its terms? -Compromise of 1850 -fed. govt. would pay TX $10 million to give up its claim -est. present day border between TX AND MX -in addition, NM and Utah became territories and CA became a state
What did the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo guarantee? MX Americans would receive equal protection under US law
What was the argument of state's rights? state power was greater than federal power
What did TX do after it seceded from the US? sent 7 delegates to AL to form the Confederacy
What 2 strategies did the Union use in the war against the S? 1. used naval blockade to cut o ff S seaports and prevent the Confederacy from importing war supplies 2. planned to take control of Mississippi River and cut the Confederacy in 2
What was the result of the Battle of Galveston? The Confederacy once again controlled the key to TX port
How did the Union plan to use Sabine Pass? planned to invade TX through Sabine Pass, march over land to Houston, and then capture Galveston
What was the result of the Battle of Sabine Pass? Confederacy had a victory by shooting down gunboats and then Union tried to turn back
What happened on June 19, 1865? the quarter million slaves in TX, finally learned of their freedom until after the war's end on this day
Created by: fme127
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