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SS Review Part 1

7th grade TX History 2nd Semester Review

What was the primary cause of the Fredonian Rebellion? Haden Edwards' empresario contract was canceled, so Edwards' supporters took action against MX govt. Edwards' group declared themselves free from MX rule.
What were Teran's 3 recommendations to the President of MX? 1. Encouraged increasing trade between TX&MX to discourage trade with US 2. Argued more soldiers need to be sent to TX to keep order and increase Mexico's control over region 3. Encourage more Europeans and Mexicans to settle in TX
What did MX do in response to Teran's report? passed the Law of April 6, 1830
What was the intent of the Law of April 6, 1830? to strictly control American presence in Texas
What are 5 provisions of the Law of April 6, 1830? 1. ban immigration from US 2. illegal for settlers to bring more slaves to TX 3. suspended unfilled empresario contracts 4. govt. placed military and govt. offices along borders to keep unauthorized immigrants out of TX 5. tax all US imports in TX
Why were many Texans angered by the Law of April 6, 1830? they feared that the new restrictions would hurt to growing TX economy
What 3 things did the Turtle Bayou Resolutions declare, state, and express? 1. declared events at Anahuac not a rebellion 2. people were defending their rights and constitution 3. settlers expressed support from Santa Anna
What was the result of the Convention of 1833? Convention adopted many of the same resolutions as the previous years meeting had
When Austin finally met with Santa Anna, what did he agree to do? What did he not agree to do? -agreed to allow immigration from US, lower taxes on US imports -refused to make TX a separate state
What did Santa Anna declare AND what did he try to strengthen as a result? -MX was not ready to be a republic -so tried to strengthen the power of the central government
Why was Santa Anna strengthening the power of the central govt. a problem for Texans? Santa Anna violated his pledge to restore the Const. of 1824, and that was the reason many Texans had supported him
What 3 things did the Declaration of Nov. 7, 1835 state? 1. justified fighting in MX 2. Texans were not rebelling, they argued, but only fighting to defend their rights under the Constitution of 1824 3. as long as MX denied these rights, the Texan were justified to create their own government
What was one of the conflicts that broke out between members of the provisional govt.? military strategy
Who was Col. James Neill? -had just over 100 troops in SA, after being scattered into small groups from TX forces -Bowie examined his improvements to the fort and its 21 cannons -he and Neill agreed that the Alamo and its artillery were too important to deny
Who was Col. James Fannin? about 400 more soldiers were in Goliad under the command of him
What was the outcome of the Battle of the Alamo? almost all of the defenders were dead, and Santa Anna believed the fall of the Alamo would convince TX to surrender
What did Texans at the Convention of 1836 do on March 2, 1836? the delegates voted unanimously to accept the TX Dec. of Ind.
What happened to the prisoners of the Battle of Coleto AND what was this called? -TX Rebels were pinned down without cover, and Fannin decided to surrender and were marched back to Goliad. They were held prisoner for a week, then escaped. -Goliad Massacre
What did the Const. of 1836 require? elections be held to select new leaders
What economic problems was TX now facing following the TX Revolution? The Republic's expenditures far exceeded it's revenue
What was Houston's American Indian Policy? it est. a line of forts along the frontier and encouraged trade with Indians
What was Lamar's American Indian Policy? Lamar wanted to remove all Indians from TX, so in 1839 when Lamar ordered Cherokees to leave, and refused, conflict worsened
Describe the events of the Council House Fight: fighting broke out between Indians and Texans in the Council House, The Indians misunderstood that TX just wanted to exchange captives, so they fought and probably destroyed any change of peace
What did Houston do with regards to the Indians? he est. more frontier trading posts to encourage trade, and signed peace treaties with various groups
What happened during the Regulator-Moderator War AND how did Houston finally end it? violence broke out, and people were ambushed and shot. Eventually, each side numbered in the 100's. Finally, in Aug. 1844, Houston sent soldiers to stop the feud, and arrested each sides leader.
What was the Ashworth Act? allowed the Ashworths and all free A.A.'s who were in TX at the time of the TX Dec. of Ind. to stay
How did the govt. help TX rebuild and return to TX after the war? the Const. of 1836 gave land to many of the people who had lived in TX before the Revolution
Who was Jose Antonio Navarro? -a signer of the TX Dec. of Ind. and an important figure in Republic -pushed for protection of Tejano rights while serving in the TX Congress
What are land speculators? people who bought large amounts of land in hopes of making profits
Created by: fme127
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