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Fig Pudding Voc.

Abandoned To be left alone; deserted or empty
Astonishment Sudden wonder or surprise
Berserk Crazy, out of control behavior
Demanded To ask or call for with power or authority
Eager Anxious; impatient
Fierce To be very determined
Gasping Taking a sharp, sudden breath as from shock
Gullible Easily deceived or fooled
Lunged To move forward quickly, suddenly and forcefully
Scalding Extremely hot
Scowling Wrinkling the brow in anger or displeasure
Skeptical Unsure; have doubt
Skitter To move quickly and lightly as in a skipping movement
Sprawled To spread out carelessly or in a disorded manner
Suspicious To distrust; feeling as if something is not right
Thrashing Moving or swinging about wildly or violently
Trembled To shake involuntarily, as from excitment, fear or cold
Wailed To grieve or protest loudly; to let out a cry
Wearily Having little patience; in a tired, discouraged manner
Weathered Changed by wind, sun and rain; to look aged or worn
Created by: kfigueiredo06



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