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Ch. 28-31

Conservative Tide-Current Events

Stagflation persistent inflation combined with stagnant consumer demand and high unemployment
Detente relaxation between US and Soviet Union (or any nations with tensions) A policy during Nixion's term
Watergate A cover up to hide involvement at the national committee head quarters.
Camp David Accords 1979 a trade was made between Israel and Egypt of land for peace.
Iran Hostage Crisis Ayatolioh Khomenini had distrust of Shah in 1979. 52 Americans were held hostage for 444 days until Carter left office
Conservative Coalition A support group for business leaders, wealthy, moral majority, suburbs and sunbelts
Reaganomics "Supply Side" was an increase of economy that cut the wealthy, social services and increased military support.
Tiananmen Square Massacre was a Pro Democracy demonstration where tanks crushed protesters and some arrested/received the death sentence. Many were killed
End of the Cold War 1991 was the fall of the Communism
Election of 2000 Nader (3rd party), G.W. Bush and Al Gore Florida was the tie breaker that had to do a manual count
Clintions Impeachment He had an affair that he denied. (lied under purgery) Was found not guilty
Invasion of Afghanistan 20 Countries supported the invasion to remove the Taliban
Operation Iraqi Freedom Find weapons of mass destruction and Sadam then remove both
Citizens United vs. FEC Lifted limits congress had set on campaign financing
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