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What states are mostly bigger in size? The western states are usually bigger.
Are the great plains flat,rolling, or both? Some parts are flat and others are rolling so both.
What are the timberlines? The timberlines are the line or altitude above which no trees grow.
What are the tectonic plates in the Pacific Ocean? It does not just cause earthquakes but it also causes steep coastlines with rocky cliffs.
Where is the Pacific Ocean located? Alaska,California,Hawaii,Oregon,Washington all are on the Pacific Ocean.
Are states west of the Mississippi dried? Yes they are because of the hot weather and evaporation.
What does irrigation mean? Irrigation is the process by which water is supplied to dry land.
What is a National Park? Large areas of great natural beauty have been set aside.
What do the Southwest Spanish people call their villages? The Spanish call them Pueblos.
In what years did the Spanish settle in parts of California and Texas? In the 1700’s.
What was a frontier? A Frontier was a region just beyond a settled aria.
How much did the U.S. pay for Alaska? The U.S. paid $7 million.
What did the early people do when they came west of the Mississippi? They did agriculture,and ranching.
What are major port cities in California? The major port cities in California are Los Angeles, and Long Beach.
What flavor of tradition does New Orleans have mostly? They mostly have a French.
Where does most growth of population happen? West of the Mississippi.
What is the trade agreement that the three nations (Mexico, Canada, and United States) called? North American free trade agreement (N.A.F.T.A).
Through what years did the Great Pains have a drought? 1930-1940.
. What is a problem for the environment? Erosion.
Does west of the Mississippi have a lot of natural disasters? Yes.
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