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PBL flashcards

How many parts does the Mississippi divide that United States into? 2 Parts
What are the part that the Mississippi divides them into called? The eastern and the western.
What is the highest point west of the Mississippi? Mount McKinley in Alaska.
How do the Pacific's and the Gulf of Mexico's coastline differ? The Gulf's coastline is more stable and flat, while the Pacific's coastline is rocky.
What causes so much water to evaporate from the Great Salt Lake? The climate.
What is one resource found west of the Mississippi? gold, silver, copper, zinc, natural gas, wind, solar power, hydroelectric power, ethanol, or petroleum.
Where did many Native Americans live before the Europeans came? Many lived west of the Mississippi.
What year was the Louisiana Territory bought and what did it do to the country? It was bought in 1803 and doubled the size of the country.
In what year did the U.S. take control of Texas? 1845.
What did the treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo give and what year was it given? It gave the U.S. a huge area and it was given in 1848.
What was found in California in 1848? Gold.
What effect did the settlers have on the native Americans? They brought new animals and brought diseases so many Native's died.
When more settlers moved west what did the United States do? They bought Alaska from Russia in 1867.
What did the Homestead Act do? This law made the land west of the Mississippi free for anyone who built farms had to stay on that farm for five years.
What year did Congress pass that Homestead Act? 1862.
What are the most rapidly growing cities in the interior of the U.S.? Phoenix, Arizona, Las Vegas, and New Mexico.
What two country┬┤s are the United States neighbor with? Mexico and Canada.
How many port cities does Texas have on the Gulf of Mexico? Texas has 3 port cities
What are the three major natural disasters? Wildfires,Erosion,and Earthquakes
What can very heavy rain cause? It can cause mudslides, uprooting trees, and burying houses.
Why did people move west in the past? because of natural resources.
What is one important industry? mining, aerospace, and tourism.
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