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What is the Federal Judiciary Act? An act to establish the judicial courts of the U.S (Set up the federal court system)
What is the cabinet in the U.S. government? The body that advises the president
What is a tariff? A tax paid on a particular class of imports/exports
What is the federalist party? They favored the adoption of the U.S. constitution, they wanted a strong national government, they were for a national bank, their economy was based on manufacturing and trade, most supporters were wealthy, Alexander Hamilton's party.
What is foreign policy? A policy that is dealing with other nation(s)- example: the French Revolution ( Hamilton's policy)
What is a political party? An organized group of people with at least roughly similar political aims
Who was George Washington? First president of the U.S., One of the founding fathers, and the commander-in-chief of the continental army
What is the anti-federalist party? Opposed the ratification of the constitution
Who was Alexander Hamilton? A founding father, Started the Federalist party
Who was Thomas Jefferson? The author of the Declaration of Independence,3rd president, organized the Louisiana purchase (1803), started the democratic-republican party
Who was John Adams? A Federalist, the 2nd president
What was the first political parties? Federalist v. Anti-federalist
What did Washington say in his farewell address? Discouraged political parties and don't get in forge in disputes
What is the significance of the Marbury v Madison? Established Judicial review; Supreme court's right to determine if laws are constitutional
What is Judicial review? It's the supreme court's right to determine if laws are constitutional
Define Unconstitutional: Not in accordance to the constitution
What was the Louisiana Purchase? Thomas Jefferson purchased it France 1803 and doubled the size of the U.S.
Who was William Clark? Was on the Lewis Clark expedition
Who was Francis Scott Key? He wrote the star spangled banner
What is impressment? Impressment, colloquially, "the press" or the "press gang", refers to the act of taking men into a military or naval force by compulsion, with or without notice.
Who was Sacagawea? The translator and one of the explorers on the Lewis and Clark expedition
Who was James Madison? The 4th President of the U.S.
What was the Judiciary act of 1801? An attempt to fill the government with federalists
What were the causes and effects of the war of 1812? Causes: British impressment of US soldiers, Interfering with US shipping, and supporting Native American resistance Effects: Increased American patriotism, weakened Native American resistance, and increased US manufacturing
What was the 1st amendment? Freedom of religion, press, assembly, and petition
What was the 2nd Amendment? Right to bear and own arms
What was the 3rd Amendment? No quartering soldiers
What was the 4th amendment? Freedom of unreasonable searches and seizure
What was the 5th amendment? Right to due process of law
What was the 6th amendment? Right to speedy trial
What was the 7th amendment? Right to trial by jury
What was the 8th amendment? Freedom of excessive bail and cruel and unusual punishment
What was the 9th amendment? (Other rights not listed)
What was the 10th amendment? Power to the states
What was the 13th amendment? Freed slaves
What was the 14th amendment? African Americans can be citizens
What was the 15th amendment? African Americans can vote
What was the 19th amendment? Women can vote
What was the cotton gin? Invented by Eli Whitney, removed the cotton seeds from the cotton- INCREASED THE DEMAND FOR SLAVES
What is the American system? Created just after the war of 1812- basically promoted american goods over forge in goods
What was the Missouri Compromise? Missouri= slave state, Maine= free state, a line drawn- above= free, below= slave
Who was Robert Fulton? Invented steamboat
Who was Henry Clay? "The Great compromise" and helped create the compromise of 1850
What was the Erie Canal? Navigatable route from New york to the Atlantic
What was the spoils system? practice of giving government jobs to political supporters
Who was John C. Calhoun? Jacksons vice pres
Who was Andrew Jackson? 7th pres
What was the indian Removal act? Jackson's vice press, fought against TOA, created the doctrine of nullification
What was the Doctrine of nullification? said that the states could decide if a law is unconstitutional
Who was John Quincy Adams? 6th pres
What was the Trail of tears? the harsh journey for Cherokee from their homeland to Indian Territory
What is Manifest Destiny? The belief americans need to move west to the ocean
What was the treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo? A treaty of peace and settlement from mexico (claimed Mexican session)
Who was Joseph Smith? Founder of Mormonism
Who was James Polk? 11th pres
What is the labor Union? a group of workers who band together and help working conditions
Who was Horace Mann? father of public education
Who was Sojourner Truth? former slave that fought for women's rights and abolitionist movement
Who was Dorothea Dix? helped improve mental hospitals and prisons
Who was Harriet Tubman? former slave and conducted of underground railroad
Who was Fredrick Douglass? Abolitionist that wrote the north star
Who was Elizabeth Cady Stanton? Women's rights activist
What was the Wilmot Proviso? banned slavery in territory acquired from the mexican war
What was the fugitive slave act? required to return runaway slaves
What was Dred Scott v Sanford Case? African americans are not citizens
Who was Stephan Douglas? designer of kansas nebraska act
What was the Compromise of 1850? California is free,NM and TX border dispute solved, slave trade banned in washington
What is Popular sovereignty? The people rule
Who is Harriet Beecher Stowe? American Abolitionist
What was the Kansa Nebraska Act? allowed kansas and nebraska to chose if they wanted slaves
What is the battle of ft. Sumter? First battle of the civil war
What is the 1st battle of bull run? confederate victory fought at railroad junction
What is the battle of Antietam? single bloodiest battle in american history
What is the battle of Gettysburg? turning point of the civil war
What is the significance of the Appomattox court house? where Lee surrendered to Grant
What was the Emancipation Proclamation? Freed slaves but only union listened
Who was Robert E Lee? confederate soldier
Who was William T Sherman? union soldier
What is the 54th Massachusetts Regiment? volunteer infantry for union
What is the Siege of Vicksburg? Union got control of the mississippi
What is the significance of Jamestown? 1607
What is the significance of Plymouth? 1620
What is the significance of Roanoke? unsuccessful colony
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