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History Final

Pro or against Roosevelt and why? Pro, because he tried his best to create jobs and public work programs.
Three big turning point in WW2? Battle of the Midway, D-Day, Pearl Harbor
What ended the Vietnam war and how did Americans have a part in it? North Vietnam took over the entire area because the South didn't want to fight, The war caused Americans not to trust government, because they told everyone that America was going to win the war.
How did people feel about the economy in the 1920's? Good
What was an economic problem? There was an uneven spread of wealth.
What was the environmental crisis that hit during the Great Depression? The dust bowl
In the 1920's one group did not experience prosperity, what was it? Farmers
What did Hoover believe was the best plan for the Great Depression? To wait it out.
In 1932, a big disagreement was whether or not the government should fix people's problems. What did Hoover and FDR think? Hoover thought they shouldn't, FDR thought they should.
About how much of the workforce was unemployed during the Great Depression? One quarter, due to the trickle down affect.
Was the Great Depression just in the US? No
Who is the famous lady photographer of the Great Depression? Dorthia Lane
What were women accused of if they had jobs during the Great Depression? Taking jobs from men.
What political theory got support in the US? Socialism
What event is going to garuntee that Hoover will not get reelected? The bonus marchers are treated brutally.
Who won the election of 1932? Roosevelt
Why did FDR declare a bank holiday? To get people to use the banks.
What was the term that Huey Long and Father Coughlin are referred to as? Demigods
What was Roosevelt's black cabinet? An unofficial group that gave him advice on black lives.
What was the theme of movies in the 1930's? Escapism
Did the new deal end the Great Depression? No, but it led to short-term economic relief.
Where did the Japenese think they could cripple the US in WW2? Pearl Harbor
What were Hitler and Mussolini's personal armies for? Terrorizing their enemies.
Where was Hitler trying to get more living space? Poland
Who did Hitler sign a nonaggression pact with? Stalin
Where was the location of one of the best military rescues ever? Dunkirk
What country did Japan dominate in the beginning of WW2? China
What was the plan of the American First Committee? To stay out of the war.
What led the Japanese to attack the Americans? We cut off their oil and scrap metal supply.
Shortly before we declared war on Japan, what countries declared war on us? Germany and Italy
What led American Government officials to evacuate Japanese from the coasts? Fear
What ended the Great Depression? World War 2
Where was the German advance on Russia stopped? Stalingrad
What was the last German counterattack of World War 2? Battle of the Buldge
What WW2 organization was formed on the basis of the Atlantic Charter? The United Nations
What important idea comes from the Nuremburg trials? Individuals are responsible for their own actions.
Movement in the Pacific? Getting in position to bomb Japan
The congress of racial equality was formed during the war. What did they want? Nonviolent techniques to end racism.
What people became kamikazis? Japanese college students
What were disagreements between US and Germany normally about? Poland
What are satellite nations? Eastern European nations. They are not free.
What was President Truman's response to Germany shutting down Berlin? The Berlin Airlift
HUAC (House of Unamerican Activities Committee) are going to tell people they're communist. What was their main target? Hollywood
What was the outcome of the Korean war? We started and stopped in the same place but did not lose.
What post WW2 defense is based on collective security? NATO
President Truman issued the Truman Doctorine in response to problems in where? Turkey and Greece
What was the Marshall plan? Build new things using American goods.
How did Macaurthur want to break the stalemate in the Korean war? Nuke China
Benjamin Spock wrote a book on child bearing. What did he think women should do? Stay at home and take care of the kids.
Betty Freeman was the starter of the feminist movement. How did she feel on jobs? She thought women should have them.
What new business process was made in the 1950's? Franchising. Mcdonalds was the first company.
What is a conglomerate? A giant corporation that invests in different industries.
What is going to allow computers to get smaller? Transistors
How did television spur economic growth? Advertising
What man is credited with the modern idea of suburbs? Levitt
How did Eisenhower win the election of 1952? By promising an end to the Korean War and dealing with communists.
What did Americans value the most during the 1950's? Comfort and Security.
Television supports the civil rights movement. What could many people of color now do? Vote
What supreme court case starts desegregation in schools? Brown vs Board of education
Who delivers the I have a dream speech? MLK
Who presided over Americas bicentennial? Jimmy Carter
What population shift happened during WW2? Black people moved West, White people moved South.
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