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6)Civil War Vocab.

Civil War & Reconstruction Vocabulary

Underground Railroad System of secret routes that escaping captives, slaves, followed to freedom.
Nat Turner Leader of one of the most serious slave revolts.
Frederick Douglass Escaped slave who became a leading voice in the abolitionist movement.
White Supremacy Idea that the white race is superior to all others.
Banned Forbidden by law.
Harriet Tubman Former slave who became a famoud Underground Railroad conductor.
Conductor One who guided and transported slaves along the secret route, or "railroad".
Abolish To end.
Stationmaster One who fed and sheltered slaves along the Underground Railroad.
Immigrant A person who comes to live permanetly in a foreign country.
Rebellion An act of violent or open resistance to orders established by government or ruler.
Secede To seperate from a nation or state and become independant.
Prejudice Judgement / opinion not based on reason, actual experience, or sufficient knowledge.
Missouri Compromise Imaginary lone from east to west through Louisiana Territory; south of line - slavery; north of line - slavery forbidden (except Missouri).
Fugitive One who flees from prosecution or intolerable circumstances.
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