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Reagan and Beyond

Reagan and Beyond 1980-present

What did Reagan want Gorbachev to do in order to initiate the end of the Cold War? Tear down the Berlin Wall
How did Reagan view the Soviet Union and all communist countries? He thought they were an evil empire.
Conservative Christian group that helped get Reagan elected Moral Majority
What scandal occurred during Reagan's presidency in which there was continued funding of Nicaraguan rebels, even after Congress banned it? Iran-Contra Affair
What began because Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait? Persian Gulf War
Reagan's idea for a missile defense system; often called "Star Wars." Strategic Defense Initiative
What were the most important ideals of Reagan's domestic policy? tax cuts, conservative agenda, limit power of federal government
What is the election of 1980 often called? The Reagan Revolution
Why was President Clinton impeached? Perjury--lying about sexual relations with Monica Lewinsky
Act passed after 9/11 that allowed the Federal government to violate citizen privacy in order to fight terrorism. Patriot Act
Who attacked the US on 9/11? Al Quaeda/Osama Bin Laden
Act signed by President Clinton that ensured American citizens could have paid medical leave. Family Medical Leave Act
Under which President, was a raid carried out in Pakistan to kill Osama Bin Laden? Barack Obama
Why was the election of 2000 so controversial? Neither Al Gore nor George W. Bush won the electoral college.
Why was the election of 2008 significant? Barack Obama was elected president; first African American president in history.
What two wars directly followed the September 11th attacks? Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan
Why did the financial crisis of 2008 occur? Housing bubble burst; companies made loans to individuals who could not pay them back.
Created by: gsibbett