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1960s and 1970s

Era of Change, Nixon, Ford, Carter

Counterculture Movement that promoted nonconformity, personal freedom, racial equality, and self-fulfillment.
Feminist Movement Movement that promoted equal opportunities for women, especially in education and the work force.
Betty Friedan Prominent feminist, wrote the Feminine Mystique, which argued that American women wanted more than a domestic life.
Title IX Portion of the Civil Rights Act that legislated equality based on gender and expanded opportunities for women in education.
Native Americans Confrontation at Wounded Knee proved to be an important event in the expansion of civil rights for these individuals.
Cesar Chavez Key leader of the Chicano Movement that organized strikes and secured collective bargaining and improved conditions for migrant farm workers.
Silent Spring Book by Rachel Carson that made Americans aware of the dangers of pesticides.
Watergate Nixon's scandal involving perjury and obstruction of justice, as well as other illegal activities.
Gerald Ford Pardoned Nixon; move was unpopular because people thought he cut a secret deal.
Iran Hostage Crisis Radical Iranian students stormed the US embassy in Tehran and took hostages because of continued US support of their deposed dictator.
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