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The Vietnam War

What event showed that the French could no longer hold on to Vietnam? Dienbienphu
What was LBJ's initial military strategy/response to the war in Vietnam, in which he though would demoralize the North Vietnamese? Operation Rolling Thunder
What military strategy did the Vietcong use? Guerilla Warfare
Which piece of Congressional legislation limited the president's war powers? War Powers Act of 1973
What event spurred America's talks for peace? Tet Offensive
Which Amendment increased the voting age to 21? 26th Amendment
Which event in 1968 showed that American citizens did not trust the Democratic Party anymore with regards to the war in Vietnam? Democratic National Convention
How did the media affect the public's perception of the war? Showed the true nature; fueled the anti-war movement
What happened to Vietnam in 1975? fighting continued, and the whole country became communist
Who was the leader of the North Vietnamese Army? Ho Chi Minh
What strategy did Nixon employ to make the South Vietnamese more responsible for military operations in the war? Vietnamization
Created by: gsibbett