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Tom Sawyer Vocab

Ch. 25-35

Sallied Leaped out or burst forth suddenly
Toiled Worked very hard for a long time
Subdued Not strong, loud, intense, etc; softened or quited down
Trifled Talked in a joking manner with intent to mislead someone or something
Desolation The state of being in very bad condition because of age or lack of care
Unkempt Not neat or orderly; messy or untidy
Debris Pieces that are left after something has been destroyed
Palpable Obvious and noticeable
Auspicious Showing or suggesting that future succes is likely
Sentry A soldier who guards a door, gate, etc.
Procured Got something by some action or effort
Labyrinth Place that has many confusing paths or passages
Chasm A deep hole or opening in the earth
Elude To avoid or escape by skill or quickness
Communing Communicating in a very personal way
Precarious Not safe, strong, or steady
Stalwart Physically strong
Embellishment Adding detail to make something more appealing or attractive
Preservation Keeping safe from harm or loss
Canvassed Talked to people to get them to consider or support something
Countenance A person's expression
Delirious Not able to think or speak clearly because of fever or other illness
Reverberations Sounds that echo
Lucid Able to think clearly
Apprehensive Afraid that something bad or unpleasant is going to happen
Diverging Splitting and moving out in different directions
Appalled Caused someone to feel fear, shock, or feeling
Fatigue Being very tired
Apathy Not having much emotion, interest, or disgust
Implored Asked or begged for in a very serious or emotional way
Forlorn Sad from being left alone
Groped Moved forward carefully with your hands in front to feel anything that blocks you
Tedious Boring and too slow or long
Oblivion The state of something that is not remembered, used, or thought about any more
Consequence Importance in rank or position
Clamorous Marked by confused din (noises) or outcry
Effusive Expressing a lot of emotion
Laudations The act of praising
Conspicuous Very easy to see or notice
Prodigious Very bbig
Insipid Not interesting or exciting
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