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history final review

causes and results of the war of 1812 cause: impressment by Britain effects: increased patriotism in the US
why did the northern states not want to admit Missouri in the union in 1820? they did not want to upset the balance of free and slave states
Texas revolution independence from Mexico
The Oregon trail the route over which settlers traveled to Oregon in the 1840's----moved west 1843
second great awakening a period of evangelism in the US----democratic
Mormons members of the church Jesus Christ of latter day saints ---salt lake city Utah
why did Americans flock to Texas in the early 1830's cheap land
what were the results of industrialization? growth of urbanization; new job opportunities
how did Andrew Jackson respond to the decision in Worcester v GA? ignored it and supported GA
how did southern cities compare to northern cities? southern agriculture and northern industrialization
corrupt bargain Jackson denied presidency
Jacksonian democrat view of government limited government
why did Jackson defend the spoils system? prevented the government from being controlled by the wealthy
tariff of Abominations south Carolina tried to nullify it
Jackson's war on the BUS vetoed it ---a danger to free government
transcendentalism self reliant; transformed society; idea that people could rise above the material things
American colonization society assisted free black people in emigrating to Africa ;wanted equal treatment
Seneca falls convention first women's rights convention in US
radical abolitionists called for an immediate end to slavery
northern hostility over the Mexican war caused tensions between north and south over new territories
fort Sumter first shots of the civil war
uncle toms cabin convince many northerners that slavery would ruin the nation
Dred Scott decision laves could be taken to any free territory
Lincoln-Douglas debate Lincoln said slavery was a moral issue
manifest destiny US has a divine mission to spread across the continent
why did Whig party collapse in the 1850's they could not compromise own slavery
bleeding Sumner Preston Brookes beats Charles Sumner with a cane
Kansas Nebraska Act allowed citizens to decide the issue of slavery
raid on harpers ferry john brown wanted to start a slave uprising
first battle of bull run first major battle of the civil war
emancipation proclamation freed slaves in areas controlled by the confederacy
Vicksburg union victory cut the confederacy in two
cotton diplomacy south hoped to convince Britain to intervene
battle of Gettysburg hoped to win a victory on human soil
impact of states rights on the confederacy's war effort it hurt it
election of 1864 he would negotiate an end to the war
john Wilkes booth killed Lincoln
why did congress refuse the newly elected southern representatives in 1865? many were former confederate leaders
wade-Davis bill Lincoln pocket vetoed
Lincolns plan for reconstruction lenient on the south
civil war amendments 13:makes slavery illegal 14:granted citizenship-passed to protect civil rights of 1866-american Indians were left out
new south improved race relations; industrialized; improve education
redeemers democrats wanted to cut budgets,, cut social programs; limit civil rights of former slaves
Jim crow laws/ segregation segregation becomes complete because imperialism, supreme court limits rights, and because of reconstruction
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