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Ch 20-23

WWII, Beginning of Cold war & 1950's

Aggressive actions & Build up to WWII Germany invades Poland
Appeasement giving into the unjust demands of a belligerent leader in order to avoid war
Neutrality Acts no weapons needed to help
Axis Power Germany, Italy & Japan
Nazi Extermination Camps jewish men, woman & Children were sent to camps to be killed
Manhattan Project code name for the Nuclear Bomb, the project was set up to build a bomb
Island Hopping Military strategy used in WWII on the Japanese Islands
Kamikaze Suicide Bombing
Total War unrestricted in weapons, territory and bombing
superpowers Russia and US's strong economy that can over power military
iron Curtain Boundary dividing Europe into 2 separate areas leading to the soviet union to block itself from the western curtain
containment geopolitical strategy to stop expansion of an enemy
Berlin Airlift 48-49 prevented west berlin from falling into control of the soviet union
Korean War North invades the South
HUAC House Un-American Activities Committee created in 1938 to investigate Communist ties
Alger Hiss American government official accused of being a spy in 1948
Julius & Ethel Rosenberg married couple convicted of conspiracy to commit espionage in 1951
Sputnik The first satellite
Levittowns Suburbs in NY, NJ in the 1950s
Joe McCarthy WI Senator famous for accusing people of being communist
U-2 Spy plane that got captured
UN United Nations, known for its peace keeping body
Rock & Roll Music that was in that 1950's such as Elvis Presley
Television Becoming more popular and played shows such as I love Lucy
NATO Members that agreed to set up relief efforts to aid people that had been attacked
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