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Chapter 17-19

Great Depression & New Deal

Warren B. Harding Tea Pot Dome, said to be a Bad President that Took bribes was the 29th President
Herbert Hoover 1928 Great Depression
Charles Lindbergh "Lone Eagle" Had the first solo flight accross theAtlantic ocean.
Susan B. Anthony She was a part of woman's suffrage. She was an American Social Reformat
Franklin D. Roosevelt President that took part in the New Deal
Eleanor Roosevelt She was a delegate of the united nations in 1946 Longest standing 1st lady
Flappers 1920s Generation of drinkers and party people
Prohibition A time period that drinking was not allowed
Hoovervilles Towns built in the depression for the poor people
Installment Buying Credit
Isolationism national policy of avoiding involvement of world affairs
Buy Stock on the Margin paying only a fraction of the stock price and borrow the rest
Speculation buy stock stock with the anticipation that the stock will rise
Bonus Army Vets marching to Washington DC to protest government to get their pay out
Dust Bowl winds taking the soil off of the land of the great plans
Red Scare fear of communism and the fear that communism would try and seize power
Black Tuesday Wall Street crashes
Relief, Reform, Recovery help the needy & strengthen the economy in hopes to lead to new jobs in hopes depression would not occur again
Fireside Chats radio broadcasts made by Roosevelt
Court-Packing Scheme Leader chaining the judiciary system by appointing judges
Civilian Conservation Corp New deal idea that would employ young men to work under the forestry service planting trees and fighting fires
Social Security Act Finical Security for americans, employed workers that are 65+
Securities and Exchange Commission Regulates that stock market and stops fraud
Tennessee Valley Authority Part of the new deal that built dams to control floods and help with electricity
Federal Deposite and Insurance Corporation guarantees deposits to bank members
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