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Middle Ages/ Crusade

Explain the hierarchy of the feudal system The king grants land to the barons, the barons grants land to the knights, the knights grant land to the peasants. The peasant provide services and food to the knights and the knights provide military services to the king
Explain how to become a knight At the age of 7 a young boy would become a page, when the boy turns 14 he would become a squire and when the squire turned 21 he became a knight.
How long did it take to become a knight 14 years
How many years did the middle ages last? About 1,000 years
What is the highest point and main building of a castle Castle Keep
What is the system of feudalism? Feudalism was a class system in which poor people paid for protection in exchange for services and food.
Why were manors self sufficient? People found all that they needed in the manors. They did not have to travel into town for their supplies.
Why did towns become less important? Towns became less important because they had fewer businesses and money wasn't needed.
How many children did Nicholas bring from Germany to fight for Jerusalem? 20,000
What are some of the methods used to cure diseases in the Middle Ages? bloodletting, blood-sucking, fox's lung and plant leaves
What symbol was found on the crusaders tunic and shield? A red cross
How many crusades were there? There were eight.
Why were the Crusades an important part of history? They were important because they brought back many changes to the European world.
What did the Crusaders bring back with them from their trips? paper, compass, glass, mirrors, silk they also brought back foods and spice never seen before.
What was the cause of Black Death? infected fleas, infected rats and unsanitary conditions spread the Black Death disease.
What is the proper name of Black Death? The Bubonic Plague
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