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Americas Unit Test

Canada was colonized by the ______? French and British
Why did the United States rebel against the British? The British government made the US colonists pay taxes
The US was colonized by the _________? French, British, and Spanish
Which country has the most influence on the US? The British
A switch from agriculture to producing goods with machines in factories was called Industrialization
The Rocky Mountains are located in what 2 countries ? US and Canada
Which of the following is a reason why the Gulf of Mexico is Important? Oil fields are located there
What canal has a series of 6 locks that raise ships up and lower them back on the other side? The Panama Canal
A migration of people from rural to urban areas is called Urbanization
What document sets up the U.S. government and can be amended to keep up with the times? The US Constitution
All of the following are branches of the U.S. government EXCEPT: Executive, Legislative, Federalist Federalist
What indigenous group from the Americas built Machu Picchu In Peru? Incas
What is the name of the belief that the country should expand west to the Pacific Ocean? Manifest Destiny
What country of the Americas was colonized by Portugal? Brazil
What river is the largest river in the world? The Amazon
Aquifers in the Yucatan Peninsula are at risk due to? Pollution
Rain forests help decrease pollution by producing what? Oxygen
Agreement between the U.S., Canada, and Mexico to promote free trade between the 3 countries. NAFTA
Economies are made up of three sectors which include all of the following EXCEPT: agriculture, education, services Education
The first ten amendments of the U.S. Constitution are called The Bill of rights
The Andes Mountains and the Amazon River are both located? South America
All of the following are nonrenewable resources EXCEPT: Oil, Water, Coal Water
Which of the following is an impact of the Panama Canal? Shorter trips for the ships using it and/or more money for Panama Both of these are correct
How many colonies won their independence from the British during the Revolutionary War? 13 colonies
What group best known for astronomy lived in southern Mexico and parts of Central America? Mayans
What is the largest River in the U.S.? Mississippi River
What natural disasters occur most often along the Pacific coast and in the Caribbean? Volcanoes and Earthquakes
What is the most popular religion in the Americas? Christianity
In 2010 an earthquake killed 200,000 people and left nearly a million homeless in what country? Haiti
Which of the following will happen when deforestation occurs? Loss of habitats for animals and an increase in pollution
What sector makes up the makes up the largest part of the U.S. economy? Services
What type of government does Canada have? Parliamentary Democracy
The movement of someone to another country permanently is called ? Immigration
. What group that lived in central Mexico were defeated by Hernan Cortes? Aztecs
A way to visit natural areas while conserving the resources and providing jobs and income. Ecotourism
The U.S. , Mexico, and Canada all have __________ government? Limited
What is the most popular sport in Mexico? Soccer
What country controlled the land from Texas down to the bottom of South America except Brazil? Spain
What body of water collectively forms the largest body of fresh water in the world? The Great lakes
What is the largest rain forest in the world that covers Central America? the amazon rainforest
Urban Sprawl has caused Water pollution, air pollution, loss of animal habitats
Selling of large quantities of goods to businesses, who then sell them to customers is called Wholesale
What system in the US makes sure no branch of government gets too much power? Checks and Balances
Why was the Panama Canal built? quicker route, make money for Panama, reduces prices
Dia de los Muertos is a celebration in Latin American countries that honors their Ancestors
How do people usually interact with earthquakes and volcanoes? People often leave the area or deal with death & destruction
Which is an example of a secondary source? A biography written about President Lincoln
Why is the Colombian Exchange important to the Americas? Exchanges of plants, animals, diseases and technology transformed the Americas way of life.
The sport most popular in the United States? Football
Which is NOT an example of human modifying the environment? volcanoes, earthquakes, tsunamis
The Bill of Rights include right to speech, religion, vote, and assemble
What is the most popular sport in Canada? Hockey
A worker that wanted to work in a factory would benefit from a higher economy in the _______ sector? Industry
Chile is located in? South America
Mexico is located in? North America
Cuba is located in? Central America
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