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SC New Century

South Carolina after Reconstruction

What is the time period of lack of jobs and lack of money from the 1930's called? The Great Depression
What laws kept the black Americans and white Americans separate? Jim Crow laws
Why did many farmers in South Carolina have to move out of the state? The price of cotton dropped too low.
When people moved within the state from backcountry to the cities, what was that called? Internal Migration
What is discrimination? the unfair treatment of people based on their race or religion or other factor
What word means that many people want to find jobs but they cannot find them? Unemployment
Why did people move from the country to the city? Modern conveniences were available such as electricity, clean water and better means of transportation.
What name is given to the era of dancing and prosperity in the 20th century? "The Roaring Twenties"
What is the Cold War? A "war" where both sides prepared weapons but never fought. This happened between the Soviet Union and the United States.
What is tourism? an industry of people going to new places on vacation
What word means to resettle in another place outside of where you live? emigrate
What are Civil Rights? rights of all citizens to be treated equally by law
What was special about the Civil RIghts Act of 1964? This act made discrimination illegal in public places.
Even though some African Americans could vote, why was voting still difficult for them? Poll taxes and literacy tests were both required to vote.
What teacher worked to bring equal rights to African Americans and females? Mary McLeod Bethune
How was life different after World War II? Women worked more jobs, and families had money to buy things like toasters and televisions.
What word means to reuse material to make new goods? recycle
What is one reason WWII helped the economy of SC? Our textile plants manufactured uniforms for the soldiers.
What is a resort? A place where people go to rest or relax
Created by: Mrs. Guth