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Ancient Rome sec 1&2


Who did Rome's founder descend from? Aeneas
Name Italy's 2 mountain ranges. The Alps and The Apennines
Describe the geography of Italy A peninsula, rocky, mountainous
What event happened before Aeneas reached Italy? The Greeks destroyed Troy in the Trojan War.
What event caused patricians to change the Roman government? Plebeians formed a council and elected their own officials?
Who was the first King of Rome? Romulus
Aeneas came to Rome from...where? Troy
Since Italy is very made it difficult for..? to cross from one side of the peninsula (Italy) to another.
Where were Italy's ancient cities built? On top of hills...the 7 hills of Rome.
What did Italy's climate allow people to do in the area of farming? They grew a variety of crops...olives, citrus, fruits, grapes.
Did Romans have any interest in their history? YES!
How was the Roman law of Twelve Tables similar to US constitution? Both were written to protect people's right
Who was considered to be the most powerful elected official in tripartite government? Judges
How were Roman magistrates and Romans who took part in assembly similar? Served for only 1 year.
What was the most important in Roman politics? Power was divided among officials
What would have happened if Roman laws were not written down? Citizens would break laws without knowing that they did so.
In ancient Rome where was the center of life? Forum
What was the system of checks and balances used for? To keep one part of the government from becoming too strong.
How did the landscape of Italy affect early settlement there? the land was rugged, cities were built on hills to defend themselves, cities were built on the banks of rivers that flow out of mountains, and travel on one side of Italy was difficult due to mountainous areas.
Created by: linda.dillon
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