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Unit 15

Civil Rights

SCLC Southern Christian Leadership Conference - Civil Rights group created by King and other ministers
Freedom Rides designed to force integration of interstate busing
Malcolm X significant leader of the Nation of Islam who was assassinated in 1965
15th Amendment granted black men the right to vote, but was denied to many due to discriminatory practices in the South
Little Rock Nine nickname of the group of students who integrated Central High School
Civil disobedience breaking a law that you feel is unjust
Thurgood Marshall chief lawyer for the NAACP who became the first African American Supreme Court Justice
Emmett Till young boy from Chicago who was murdered in Mississippi for whistling at a white woman
James Meredith first to integrate Ole Miss
SNCC Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee - youth led Civil Rights group
freedom summer designed to get blacks registered and voting
MLK Martin Luther King Jr. Civil Rights leader who believed in nonviolent protests
Great Migration movement of many blacks from the south to the north in the hopes of better jobs and less racism
Rosa Parks her refusal to give her seat up led to a year long bus boycott
Children's Campaign youth took to the streets of Birmingham to protest racism, many were arrested and others had fire hoses turned on them
John Lewis one of the youth leaders of SNCC who today is a congressman from Georgia
March on Washington 250,000 + people attended to influence Civil Rights Legislation, it was at this event that King delivered his famous "I have a Dream" speech
Ruby Bridges first to integrate elementary school in New Orleans
Plessy v Ferguson Supreme Court case that ruled separate but equal was legal
Brown v Board of Educ Supreme Court case that ruled segregation has no place in public education
Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier in baseball
Eugene Connor racist police chief of Birmingham, Alabama
Voting Rights Act 1965 provided federal power to fight discrimination in registration and election procedures
Jim Crow Law segregation laws
Bloody Sunday marchers were beaten with billy clubs and tear gas as they attempted to march from Selma to Montgomery
Fannie Lou Hamer arrested and beaten for attempting to register to vote, later became a leader in the voting rights campaign
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