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Social Study Exam

for Mrs. Miller

what do you call a document that allows holder to colonize? a charter
what means to travel around the world? circumnavigate
what type of government allows one person total power? autocracy
what is the exchange or ideas, people, disease, and animals between Europe and New World? Colombian Exchange
how the president of the US is elected? Electoral College
what word means to bring products into a country? import
what word means to send products from a country? export
what kept colonies informed during American Revolution? Spies
what do you call the group of powerful Iroquois Indians? Iroquois Confederacy
what did Eli Whitney invent? the cotton gin
what do you call a crop raised to be sold? cash crop
what is a bicameral legislator? 2 house legislator
who is the group of advisers to the president? the cabinet
what's an effigy? a rag figure made in resemblance made for protest
what is the word that means plan of government? Constitution
what is an ambush? surprise attack
what is an amendment? an addition to a formal document
apprentice assistant to learn trade of a skilled craftsman
boycott to refuse to buy certain items
budget deficit amount in which the government exceeds government
tariff tax on imported goods
what is Burgesses an elected representative to an assembly
Created by: InfiniteDragon



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