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SS Final Review

Why southern states ratified 13th Amendment approval to rejoin the Union
Freedman's Bureau contributed to education of former slaves
Little Big Horn Valley Native American victory over cavalry troops
problem Plains farmers faced due to climate harsh winters
Ida B Wells African American journalist campaigned against mob violence
Major effect of Dawes Act Native Americans sell land
changed American minds about Seward's Folly prospectors found gold
result of Spanish-American War Cuba, Puerto Rico, Philippines granted limited independence
NOT factor to call for war with Spain dispute over southwestern land
President Wilson's goal of League of Nations protect independence of all nations
setback for Allies in 1917 Treaty of Brest-Litovsk
ways women's lives changed in 1920s right to vote, new appliances, new employment opportunities
American thoughts about President Hoover's efforts to end the depression should have done more, acted sooner
Adolf Hitler used Jews as scapegoat
D-Day invasion freed France, Allies could then advance to Germany
example of how Marshall Plan worked helped France rebuild economy
how discrimination affected lives of Af. Am. and Latinos after WWII children prevented from attending white schools
Montgomery bus boycott nonviolent protest
Voting Rights Act 1975 helped Latinos
NAACP helped African Americans vote, challenged segregation
American reaction to terrorist attacks on 9/11 united to combat terrorism
encouraged westward expansion in 1860s and 70s railroads, cattle ranching, Homestead Act
Populist Party farmers' association
Queen Liliuokalani steps down to avoid war with US
Colombia lost territory as result of Panama Canal
Cultural changes in the 1920s automobile and radio
nightly broadcasts play by play sports
Fads of the 1920s flagpole sitting, dance marathons, the Charleston
Cold War competition for power Korea divided: communist North, democratic South
Lyndon Johnson set up programs like Medicare, Department of Housing & Urban Development, and Office of Economic Opportunity
Office of Economic Opportunity job training
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