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Mr. Stickler's Liberty Christian HNRS HIST Final Exam Flashcards 2016

Write the definition of the word tenement in your own words. A multifamily apartment building, often unsafe, unsanitary, and overcrowded”. These tiny apartments tended to be located in major cities in the United States. They were also typically located in “high crime” neighborhoods.
How did Native Americans react to the Dawes Severalty Act of 1887? Native Americans did not like the idea of individual ownership of land - which violated their cultural norms. Some Native Americans tried to cooperate with assimilation programs like the Dawes Act.
What was the Supreme Court of Louisiana’s decision in the Plessy vs. Ferguson case? In this case, the Louisiana Supreme Court decided that the Separate Rail Car Act was legal, which established the “separate but equal” doctrine. This meant that having separate "whites only" & "black only" facilities was legal if they were “truly equal”.
Explain the impact that the Plessy vs. Ferguson decision had on American society - especially among Southern states. Governments in Southern states used this as an opportunity to continue to keep African Americans in a “condition similar to slavery”. Was the basis for "Jim Crow laws" & "black codes".
How does the Gospel of Wealth relate to businesses/ business expansion? Andrew Carnegie’s idea that people who were becoming rich due to recent industrialization should spend some of that money on philanthropy (i.e. charity).
What does the term New South mean/ refer to? The term refers to efforts by some southerners to modernize the region after Reconstruction. Some advocates of the new South promoted a more diverse economic base, with more manufacturing and less reliance on a few staple agricultural crops.
List two (2) things that New South proponents advocated for. 1.) That southern cotton be made into cloth in southern textile mills instead of in northern mills; 2.) Diversifying the region’s agriculture and to reduce its dependence on cotton and tobacco.
What did the Civil Rights Act of 1875 establish where race relations were concerned? This was a United States federal law written during the Reconstruction Era (post - Civil War) to guarantee African Americans equal treatment in public accommodations and public transportation.
Explain how the term crop lien relates to sharecropping. A crop lien is a system in which poor farmers used part of their crops to pay for seeds, farm tools, etc. It relates in that Southern "sharecroppers" used crop liens during the Reconstruction Era.
List two (2) specific ways that the Freedmen’s Bureau helped these former slaves. 1.) Built schools; 2.) Helped them find work; 3.) Built churches.
What made the Battle of Gettysburg stand out among other Civil War battles? This battle was the bloodiest battle of the Civil War.
Why was life different for Southern women vs. Northern women during the Civil War? Most of the Civil War battles were fought in Southern states. Because of this, Southern women experienced some of the horrors of war firsthand, whereas Northern women were removed from those experiences.
Who was Clara Barton? She was the first "battlefield nurse". She took care of the wounded during the Civil War.
List two (2) things that Clara Barton is famous for. 1.) She invented the "triage" system of categorizing wounded soldiers according to the severity of their wounds; 2.) She founded the American Red Cross.
What technological advancement allowed rifle bullets to travel farther and straighter than they had in past wars. "Rifling" - spiral grooves inside gun barrels - allowed rifle bullets to do this.
Explain what the Embargo Act of 1807 did where trade was related. It sought to close all American ports to foreign trade as of Jan. 1, 1808 unless Europeans agreed to recognize America's neutral rights.
How does the Berlin Decree of 1806 relate to the Embargo Act of 1807? Both decrees related to international trade. It barred ships that had anchored in British harbors from entering ports controlled by France.
What does the term "War Hawks" mean/ refer to? These were "very young, extremely patriotic, frontiersmen who were being ravaged by the agricultural depression that resulted from the economic depression of 1808.
How does the increase in the growing of short - staple cotton in the south relate to slavery in the mid - 1800's? Short - staple cotton grew so well in the American South that plantation owners determined that they needed a lot more laborers to harvest it all. This led them to seek more slaves to work in cotton fields.
How did the War of 1812 end? The Treaty of Ghent. The treaty restored diplomatic relations between England & the U.S. to what they were before the war. It did not address any of the reasons Pres. Madison had listed as reasons for going to war.
What was Frederick Jackson Turner's larger point about the effect of the American frontier on our culture from the Colonial period to the later 1800’s? Turner pointed out that - now (as of 1890) that a frontier no longer existed - American culture will be forever changed.
What does the term "political machines" mean/refer to? This term refers to informal political organizations that developed in larger cities in the late 1800's. Many accused these groups of being corrupt because leaders were not accountable to voters.
Who was Jane Addams? She was a co-founder of Hull House, the first "settlement house" in Chicago.
What does the term "settlement house" mean/ refer to? This term refers to community centers that were operated by resident social reformers in poor, urban neighborhoods.
What does the term "progressives" mean/ refer to? This refers to ideas that originated around 1910. These people believed that responsible citizens, acting together, assisted by technological know-how, & sometimes using government power, could achieve social progress. (Pg. 577)
What does the term "feminism" mean/ refer to? This term refers to the conviction that women are and should be the social, political, and economic equals of men. (Pg. 579)
What are "local option laws"? These are state laws that permitted the residents of a town or a city to decide, by election, whether to ban liquor sales in their community. (Pg. 581)
What is the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP)? This was an organization that was founded in 1910 to "provide important leadership in the fight for racial equality". (Pg. 583)
What does the term "muckraker" mean/ refer to? This term refers to journalists who, in the early 1900's, wrote dramatic stories about political corruption, corporate wrongdoing, and other scandalous offenses. (Pg. 585)
What does the term "preservationist" mean/ refer to? This term refers to "a person who advocates reserving natural areas so as to protect them against human disturbance". (Pg. 593)
What did the 16th Amendment do/ provide for? This Amendment permitted the federal government to charge income tax. (Pg. 594)
What did the 17th Amendment do/ provide for? This Amendment changed the method of electing U.S. Senators from election by state legislatures to election by voters. (Pg. 594)
What does the term "impressionism" mean/ refer to? This term refers to "a style of painting that developed in France in the 1870's & emphasized the artist's impression of a subject. American Impressionism was prominent from the 1880's to the 1910's. (Pg. 605)
What does the term "Square Deal" refer to? This refers to President Theodore Roosevelt's policies that helped to regulate big businesses (also called "trusts") instead of breaking them up. He felt they were "potentially beneficial" to the American economy. (Pg. 591)
What does the term "conservation" mean/ refer to? This term refers to "the careful management of natural resources so that they yield the greatest benefit to present generations while maintaining their potential to meet the current generation's needs. (Pg. 593)
What was the purpose of the Pure Food and Drug Act of 1906? This Act banned impure and mislabeled food and drugs. (Pgs. 585 & 586)
How does the Anti-Saloon League relate to Progressive's attempts at social/ urban reforms? This League aimed to link local saloons (aka bars or taverns) to political corruption by describing them as places where political "cronies" hung out and made shady political deals. (Pg. 581)
Created by: sticklerpjpII
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