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ss helping me study for a test notes

Be able to describe 4 complaints you would have against the king and his actions if you were a colonist during the american revolution 1.Being forced to house soldiers for the British army 2.Cutting our trades with other countries and colonies 3.forcing us to pay taxes with out representation 4. attacking our ships,towns and people
who was the leader of the continental army George Washington
what marked the official end of the american revolution The treaty of paris in 1783
who was the colonial leader that gained the support of the french Benjamin franklin
what did the colonies believe the purpose of the government to protect individual rights
who published comment sense Thomas Paine
when the king declared war on the colonists what right was being taken away from them life liberty and pursuit of happieness
what document was adopted on July 4th 1776 to unify the colonies The declaration of independence
Who was the main author of the declaration of independance Thomas Jefferson
what governing body established an army to unify the colonies 2nd continental congress
what document did the 2nd continental congress send to Britain as an attempt for peace olive branch petition.
Created by: maya33