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Ancient Rome Q & A

Sheehan test

In terms of geography, how could Italy be described? A peninsula
What was most influence in causing the Patricians to change the Roman government? Plebeians formed a council and elected their own officials
How are the Roman laws of the Twelve Tables similar to the U.S. Constitution? They were both written to protect people's rights
Why did the Roman government have a system of checks and balances? To keep one part of the government from becoming too strong
What was the center of life in ancient Rome? The Forum
What was the most important factor in Rome's military success during the 300s BC? The Roman army was flexible because of its organization
What general led an attack on Rome in 218 BC? Hannibal
Why were Tiberius and Gaius Gracchus both killed? They angered wealthy and powerful Romans.
Who did Cicero want the Romans to give power to? The Senate
How did Caesar respond to the Senate and Pompey after the war in Gaul? He led his army into Italy
What did Octavian do after Caesar's rule? He worked to capture Caesar's killers
When did Octavian become sole ruler? After Marc Antony died
Why were Marc Antony and Octavian enemies? Marc Antony divorced Octavian's sister
Why were Roman roads built? To allow Rome's armies to travel through the empire
What material did the Romans invent to help their structures last? cement
How did Roman language influence how people speak and write today? Modern languages are based on the Roman language
What effect did the occupation of Judea have on the Roman Empire? It caused the Jews to rebel against Roman rule
Why did the Roman make frequent payments to the Goths? to prevent the Groths from attacking Rome
What event do historians consider the end of the western Roman Empire? A barbarian general overthrew the emperor and named himself king.
What effect did Theodora have on the riots in AD 532? she helped the emperor put an end to the uprisings
Who was the first king of Rome? Romulus
Who held office for life? Senators
Where were bronze tablets with the laws of Rome displayed? Forum
Who did Rome fight the Punic Wars against? Carthage
What country did Rome adopt much of their culture from after they conquered them? Greece
Who led thousands of slaves in a revolt against Rome? Spartacus
Between 58 and 50 BC Julius Caesar conquered nearly all of what country? Gaul
What part of the Bible tells about the life and teachings of Jesus? New Testament
Which apostle traveled throughout the Roman world spreading Christian teachings? Paul
Who marched into Rome and sacked the city in AD 10? Visigoths
What was capital of the eastern empire? Constantinople
What language did most people in the Byzantine Empire speak? Greek
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