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Horse Creek SS

Chapter 17

Civilian someone who is not in the military
Climate Change the slow heating of the Earth
Human Rights freedoms that everyone should have
Levee an earthen barrier built to prevent flooding
Nonrenewable resource something that cannot be replaced once it is used up
Which two countries did president Jimmy Carter help make a peace agreement with? Israel and Egypt
What led to operation Desert Storm? the invasion of Kuwait by Iraq
What did the United States and other nations do after Yugoslavia broke apart? sent troops to restore the peace
Which State's Electoral College vote determined the outcome of the 2000 Presidential election? Florida
What happened to Bill Clinton during his second term? he was impeached
What reason did Al Qaeda give for attacking the United States on September 11, 2001? Al Qaeda wanted revenge for Sadam Hussein for being overthrown
How is the United States' security different now then it was during the Cold War? The United States faces danger from more sources now
Why did the United States go to war with Afghanistan? because the Taliban were protecting Al Qaeda
What was historic about the election of Barack Obama in 2008? first African American to be voted president
What was one challenge that Barack Obama faced when he became president? the country was in a recession
What was one objection that some people had to the 2009 stimulus bill? they said it contributed to the nation's national debt
In the United rates one criticism of globalization is that... that encourages companies to move jobs overseas
What is an example of the United States contributing to solving the wold's problems? the United States provides money to help Haiti after a catastrophic earthquake
Which country did the United States trade the most with in 2009? Canada
The map shows that many countries... interdependent
What event or trend do you think has been the most important in the 21st century so far? the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001 caused many Americans to worry about their security and led to the United States into two wars.
What role does the United States have regarding war and peace in the World? being the only Super Power in the World puts a lot of responsibility on this country to protect peace around the world. examples are Israel and Egypt peace treaties and restoring peace on countries like the former Yugoslavia
Do you think globalization has been mostly helpful or mostly harmful to the United States economy? it has helped the economy because some things made in other parts of the world cost less for us to buy and the United States can make better political relations because of trade agreements with countries like Mexico and Canada
What are two reasons why the war in Iraq was controversial? even though Saddam Hussein was an evil leader not everybody believed the U.S. has the right to remove him from power. Also there ended up not being weapons of mass destruction in Iraq like our government said there were.
How was George W. Bush able to win the 2000 electron when he received fewer votes than Al Gore? Al Gore received more votes than American voters, but the vote in the Electoral College decides who wins the election. Different states have different numbers of electors. Bush won the electoral votes so he won the election.
Created by: tbostwick
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