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Social Studies Ch 5

Why are patents important? They keep someone from copying another person's idea.
What is an immigrant? a person who comes from another country to live
What does manufactured mean? made new products
What is a famine? a severe lack of food
What are tenements? small, crowded, run-down apartments
What is an entrepreneur? a person who starts and manages a business
What are four things you need to become a U.S. citizen? be 18 years old, live in the U.S. for 5 years, read, write and speak English, and know the history of the U. S. government
What was Prohibition? a time period when it was illegal to sell alcohol
What was the Great Migration? Many African Americans moved from the south to the north in search of jobs.
What do Upton Sinclair, Ida Tarbell, and Frank Norris all have in common? They all agreed that American society needed reform.
What is an assembly line? The invention in which the worker does a specific task and the product keeps moving down the line.
What industries grew in New Jersey in the 1800s? The oil, food, and pharmaceutical industries grew in New Jersey in the 1800's
What are Progressives? People who liked the idea of change and wanted to help others with reform.
What are citizens? a member of a state or nation
What is a monopoly? a company that has control over a product or service
What are sweatshops? dirty, unsafe factories
What is reform? change
What are some reasons that people left Europe to come to the United States? jobs, religious freedom, leave harsh governments, to escape famine, to escape poverty
What are three new inventions that changed the way people lived during the Industrial Revolution? telephone, automobile, and the electric light bulb
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