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Rome Unit Test

What purposes did roman forums have? Govt. & religious activities and trade happened there.
Before Rome became a republic, it had what type of government? Monarchy
What physical system did NOT encourage the growth and prosperity of Rome? The hills: helped with defense
A government in which citizens have the right to vote and elect officials is called a ___. Republic
What group of people to the north of the city of Rome influenced the Romans? The Etruscans
Greek culture originally diffused to Rome when____. The Greeks started settling in southern Italy
What is one way that areas changed after a Roman army left? They had roads and bridges that they hadn’t had before.
Which Roman military unit included between 4,500, to 5,000 soldiers? A legion
What made the Roman army flexible? A maniples ability to move and fight on its own.
To avoid rule by a single man, how was power balanced? -The ability to “veto” -Limiting terms in office -Dividing the government into 3 branches
The Roman Republic had a system of unwritten rules that organized its government. Constitution
What three branches made up Rome’s tripartite government? The assemblies, the senate, and the magistrates.
True or False: Each branch could check (stop) another. True
Citizens in the Roman Republic included _____. Free Roman Men
The concept that the law applies to Everyone is called________. Rule of law
In the roman republic only citizens could wear togas, which was a symbol of _________. Citizenship
Rights and responsibilities of the Roman citizens included the right to a trial, the right to vote, and ____. The responsibility to serve in the army
Citizens were divided up into 2 groups, patricians and plebeians. Patricians were Wealthy Members of the oldest families in Rome Majority of the government
Plebeians (citizens of the middle and lower classes) got political power in the senate by ________. Going on strike during a war and demanding it.
The role of the assemblies included: ________. Adult citizens voting on laws
The role (s) of the senate included Senators advising the assemblies and magistrates Deciding how to spend the $$$$$ Deciding foreign policy
Magistrates ______________. Enforced the laws Were mainly made up of wealthy citizens Judged cases.
In the Roman republic, a dictator was an important public official who ________. In emergences temporarily had total power
Which part of the legend of Romulus and Remus shows that the romans thought they were superior? The brothers father was a roman god.
Before Rome became a republic, the last king to serve treated the people _________. Terribly, and so he was overthrown by this subjects.
Which of the following culture traits didn’t diffuse between the Romans, Etruscans and Greeks? Representative democracy
Which describes life for common people in Rome? Cramped living conditions
In Rome’s patriarchal society fathers… Owed all of the family’s property Could sell their children into slavery Could kill their children.
Carthage and Rome fought in the Punic wars because… Each one wanted control of the western Mediterranean Sea.
The roman army got Hannibal out of Italy by attacking Carthage, forcing Hannibal to retreat. True
In the third Punic War, Roman troops burned and looted Carthage, and enslaved its people. True
Julius Caesar disagreed with the corruption in the republic and used his army to take over Rome. True
A group of slaves plotted against Julius Caesar and assassinated him in the forum? False
Which does NOT describe life during the Pax Romana? The government shifted back to a republic
Emperors created public works in order to… Gain the favor of the people Improve the Roman Empire Leave a legacy
Roman cultural traits diffused through Migration Trade Conquest
Which of the following factors didn’t exist during the Imperial Crisis? Lack of participation in the democratic government
To better the large Roman Empire, Diocletian divided the empire into two parts True
Which describes the fate of the Western Roman empire? The Western Roman Empire got destroyed by multiple invaders
Created by: Sydster2005
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