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World History SOL


Old Stone Age (s.5 mil to 10,000 BC) Paleolithic Era
What do scientists believe? Homo sapiens first emerged from the continet of Africa about 100,000 years ago
How was food acquired (same during the Old Stone Age)(Nomads acquired food this way)? Hunting & gathering
Nomad means wandered in search of food
Nomads... depended on plants & animals for food and shelter, lived with groups of relatives called clans
During the Paleolithic Era.. oral language was developed which helped communication & stone tools were invented which showed the creativity of early men
New Stone Age (8,000 BC to 3,000 BC) Neolithic Era
What are archeologists? people who study the material remains of humans by examining artifacts and fossils
What are anthropologists? People who study the development, behavior, and physical features of people from the past
What took place during 3,300 - ? Mesopotamia
Mesopotamia... first civilization and was established in the Fertile Crescent, advantages of settling in this area during this time is that rich soil was produced by floods
Two most important rivers in Mesopotamia? Tigris & Euphrates
Who invented a system of wedged-shaped writing called cuneiform? Sumerians
What took place during 1150-850? Phoenicians
Invented the first alphabet; were the best sailors and traders around the Mediterranean Sea around 1100 BC Phoenicians
First law code (Code of Hammurabi) created by who? Babylonians
Known for religious temples (Ziggurats)? Babylonians
Aka Hebrews? Jews
Founder of Judaism Abraham
Freed from Egypt by Moses (Exodus); most important law codes are the Ten Commandments Jews
Jews.... forced to leave their homeland of Israel & had to live in the Diaspora; included parts of Europe, North Africa & the Middle East
First major monotheistic religion Judaism
Hitties invented...? iron tools
What took place during 547 - 331 BC? Persians
Helped trade go smoother by using money instead of barter? Persians
Persians.... connected their empire with a system of roads; practice tolerance over people that they conquered, letting them keep their own religion and customs
Persia had what type of bureaucracy? Imperial in which people in hte government did different jobs like collecting taxes & serving in the Army
What type of religion did Persia have? Monotheistic religion (Zoroastrianism)
Egyptians.... Nile was good for transportation because of the flow of the river; easy for travel; source is Lake Victoria
Like the Tigris & Euphrates Rivers, the floods of the Nile... brought rich soil when it flooded
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