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Social Studies CAT

Who was a politician who served as an adviser, Secretary of State, and secretary of treasury? James Addison Baker
Which of the following was NOT a way people contributed to the home front during WWII? Women registering for the draft
Which war was associated with the sinking of the Lusitania? WWI
Who was the first African American womanly elected to the Texas senate in 1973? Barbara Jordan
Which major city is located in South Carolina? Charleston
Name 3 colonies- Jamestown, Plymouth, and Roanoke
Which era saw an increase in the equal rights movement? Civil rights and conservatism
Name 3 major US rivers- Mississippi River, Colorado river, and the Rio Grande river
Which amendment in 1972 gave woman the same rights as men? Equal rights amendment
Who wrote many books about Texas and preserved Texas folklore? Frank J. Dobie
Teacher and civil rights activist. She was also a state director for NAACP. Lulu Belle Madison White
One of the first astronauts in space when he was aboard the Apollo 7. Ronnie Walter Cunningham
First Hispanic/American member of the San Antonio City Council Henry B. Gonzales
World renowned cardiac surgeon who invented a part in the heart-lung machine. Michael Debakey
What helped end the Great Depression? The new deal
A world leading heart surgeon and the first to successfully remove blood clots. Denton Arthur Cooley
Capitalized on the Spindletop oil discovery. Howard Hughes Sr.
Founded the American GI Forum that increased benefits for Mexican/American veterans Hector P. Garcia
First woman to become a pediatric surgeon in Texas. Benji Brooks
What major city is located in Massachusetts? Boston
Creator/CEO of Dell, Inc. Michael Dell
What was the dispute between the US and the Soviet Union known as? The Cold War
First Hispanic mayor of a major city in the United States. He was also a US ambassador to Costa Rica during the Kennedy administration. Raymond L. Telles
First woman to be elected to the US senate from Texas Bailey Hutchinson
Which mayor city is located in Virginia? Richmond
First commanding officer of the women's army corps (WAC) Oveta Culp Hobby
Leader of the women's suffrage movement in Texas Jane McCallum
Passed the Civil Rights Act of 1964 as President of the United States after Kennedy was assassinated Lyndon B Johnson
Which program instilled hope and purpose and people became more productive citizens? Works Progress Administration (WPA)
32nd Vice President of the United States. Served as a state legislature and was later the speaker of the house. John Nance Garner
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