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American Rev. War

Questions for the American Revolutionary War test

Operated as a secret information network during the war Culper Spy Ring
People who wished to separate from Great Britain. Patriots
Group of people who persuaded colonists to support rebellion against the King. Firebrands
People who wished to remain dedicated to the King. Loyalists
Composed of delegates from the colonies to decide together how to deal with the King. Continental Congress
Site of a victory for the British Army. Despite the loss, Americans felt confident after this battle. Bunker Hill
General Cornwallis was forced to surrender after British soldiers were surrounded. Yorktown
After this American victory, France joins the side of the Americans. Saratoga
The site of the first shots fired during the Revolutionary War. Lexington
Created the Declaration of Independence Thomas Jefferson
His book Common Sense helped change attitudes towards England. Thomas Paine
Famous for his phrase “Give me Liberty, or give me Death!” Patrick Henry
Was the defense lawyer for the British soldiers involved in the Boston Massacre John Adams
Rode through Massachusetts towns to notify Patriots to arm themselves against the British. Paul Revere.. along with many others
This person rises up as an American hero because of his leadership during the French and Indian War. George Washington
What happened as a result of the French and Indian War? Much of French land goes to England
What happened at the Boston Massacre? British Soldiers fired into a crowd of angry Patriots
What was the purpose of the Minutemen? Militia ready to fight at a moments notice
What are some problems that American soldiers faced during the Valley Forge? Cold, Food Shortages, Clothing Shortages, and diseases
Created a division between the frontier and the colonies. Colonists told not to go beyond the Appalachian Mountains. Proclamation Line of 1763
First fought for the Freedom of the Press Peter Zenger
Tax that led to the Boston Tea Party Tea Tax
Tax on paper, iron, and many other products colonists needed Townshend Acts
Americas most famous traitor Benedict Arnold
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