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ss final exam

the issues reflected in compromise enables Maine and Missouri to enter union California admitted to union as free state and Kansas-Nebraska act sets up popular sovereignty was slavery
the phrase "by military conquest treaty and purchase" best describes what historical term imperialism
when was the homestead and pacific railway act signed 1862
explain the compromise of 1850 Cali was admitted a free state sovereignty was introduced to south fugitive slave act was in active
where was the transcontinental railroad completed Promontory Utah
where did immigrants become citizens of the united states Ellis island
sewards folly refers to what purchase of Alaska
what country did the united states help to lead a revolution against Columbia
the destruction of what ship led to the Spanish American war USS Maine
which of the following territories was not acquired Spanish American war Cuba
the NAACP was established to bring attention to racial inequality
the courts Plessy v Ferguson established a doctrine called separate but equal
a term for journalists who exposed corruption and problems of society is muckrakers
a book by Upton Sinclair was called The Jungle
the Hull House was founded by Jane Adams
Which was not a cause of ww1 slavery
ww1 was sparked by the assassination of archduke Francis Ferdinand
Germany tried to invite Mexico into an alliance with the Zimmerman telegram
At the Paris Peace conference in 1919 Woodrow Wilson proposed the League of Nations
a period of African American achievement Harlem renaissance
what did the Kellogg Briand Pact do outlaw war
19 amendment gave women right to vote
what made henry ford successful the moving assembly line
which president was associated with teapot dome scandal Warren Harding
what intense depletion of topsoil dust bowl
sell at high price to pay back loan and make profit buying on margin
what did people call the day the stock market crashed black Tuesday
the president that proposed the new deal FDR
the law that allowed franklin to sell, transfer, exchange, or lease military equipment Lend Lease act
a system where the government is seen as more important than citizens fascism
allied attack at Normandy d-day
what was the Manhattan project develop an atomic bomb
iron curtain was coined by what world leader Winston Churchill
what country was asked to remove nuclear weapons from Cuba Korea
whose civil rights did Betty Freidan fight for womens
war of words and ideas cold war
cold war conflict Vietnam war
Nixon scandal Watergate scandal
Reagans economic model supply side economics
al gore won 2000 election by electoral college vote
terrorist group led by Bin Laden al Qaeda
2005 hurricane Katrina
what state did Obama run for senator in Illinois
along with internet what else was invented in 1900's world wide web,
2007 US bought a record number of hybrid cars
production, consumption, and distribution of goods economy
rights and duties of citizens civics
policies of actions of a country, state, territory, city, or organization government
past events history
land area, locations, and physical features geography



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