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SS- Chapter 11

SS- Chapter 11 review - LaRocco

Who won the election of 1824 which was settled by the House of Representatives? John Quincy Adams
Which Native Tribe was involved in the Trail of Tears? Cherokee
Which candidate for President avoided the issues and uses rallies and parades to get elected? Happy Harrison
What is the idea that different areas of the country support different things? sectionalism
Which political party formed in opposition to Jackson? Whig
How did voting rights change under Jackson? even white males who did not own property had the right to vote
To which area of the United States were the Natives forced to move? The Great Plains
What was The Panic of 1837 was caused by? not enough specie, closing of the National Bank and removal of federal deposits & people lost jobs
What did the people in the northeast want? improved business and industry
What is Choosing political supporters or friends for jobs is known as? The Spoils System
Which amendment states that if no candidate receives the necessary amount of electoral votes, the President is chosen by the House of Representatives? 12th Amendment
What is the claim that a state had the right to cancel a law passed by Congress if people of the state thought it was unconstitutional? Nullification
Who helped Adams win the election of 1824? Clay
On which did Jackson act as a sectionalist? the Bank of the United States
What are Banks called that give no thought to the amount of specie needed to back up the money and make it valuable? Pet banks
Tippecanoe and Tyler too was the slogan for which presidential candidate? Harrison
What is a reason why people liked Jackson? he moved Natives west he did not have political experience or much of an education he was an example of the frontier spirit
How did Jackson destroy the banks? he vetoed the Renewal Bill
On which did Jackson act as a nationalist? nullification
What type of federal government did Jackson want? What type of Presidency did Jackson want? limited strong
Created by: MsGiancola
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