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Cold War Era

Facts about a war that was very very cold

FDR, Churchill, and Stalin met where? Yalta
What was the new charter that prevented future wars? This happened on June 26th. United Nations
What leader used the term "Iron Curtain?" Winston Churchill
Who was the American diplomet who was an expert on Soviet history and culture? George F. Kennan
What policy was named after a U.S. presidnet? Truman Doctrine
What plan helped contribute to rebuilding countries of Western Europe? Marshall Plan
What city had a blockade? Berlin
What treaty was signed by the U.S., Canada, and 10 Western European Nations? NATO
What was the pact that the Soviets made to protect each other? Warsaw Pact
Who was the Communist leader of China? Mao Zedong
Who was the head of the Chinese government? Chiang Kaishek
What was Truman's program that wanted to raise wages? The Fair Deal
What was the bill that limited actions workers could take against their employers? Taft-Hartley Bill
Who was the general that wanted to invade China, but was fired by Truman? General Douglas MacArthur
What was the zone where military forces could not enter? Demilitarized Zone/DMZ
Who was the Senator form Wisconsin that accused people being part of the Communist Party Joseph McCarthy
What is not allowing something/Hostile Power to expand? Containment
What is Subversion? Sabatoge
Created by: John_Boy26