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World Wars Test

Questions from the units on both World Wars

Who was one of the biggest heroes of World War 1, for the U.S., was Sergeant York? Sgt York
What world event made Hitler possible? Great Depression
Before World War 2, were there were any common day associations with the term Dictator? NOOOOO!!!!
Which German leader sparked an arms race in the 1800s? Otto Von Bismarck
The Archduke of Austria-Hungary was killed by a terrorist group in which city? Sarajevo
Gavrilo Princep was a member of the terrorist group known as what? Black Hand
What countries were the primary members of the Central Powers? Germany, Austria-Hungary, and the Ottoman Empire
Who was the World War I era, American, President who promised to keep America out of the war? Woodrow Wilson
The Germans sunk a British passenger ship, carrying 128 Americans, known as the _______________. Lusitania
What did Britain use to help win America’s support in the war? Propaganda
The British intercepted a ______________, from the Germans, which asked Mexico to enter the war. Telegram
Which American President declared war on the Central Powers? Woodrow Wilson
Which of the following was also known “Liberty Cabbage”? Sauerkraut
Which item gave troops a real need for trenches during World War 1? Machine Guns (brrrrrrrraaaaaaappp)
Which Russian leader wanted to pull his country out of World War 1? Vladimir Lenin
What did the allied leaders need to help increase supplies in Europe? Convoys of ships
The Balkan region of Europe, before World War I began was compared to which explosive item? Powder Keg
During World War 1, Britain created a ___________ to trap German ships. Blockade
Which new weapons did not contribute as much to the outcome of World War 1? Tanks and planes
What ended the fighting in World War I? An Armistice
Which of the following ended World War I? The Treaty of Versailles
What was Germany required to do as a result of being blamed for World War 1? Give up all of its U-Boats, pull back all troops, cancel its treaty with Russia
What were the new “Enemies” found in the trenches? Mud, lice, trench foot, rats, boredom, fear
Which of the following best defines Nationalism? Pride in ones country or ethnic group
League of Nation officials appeased Hitler by signing which “Pact”? Munich
A system based on extreme nationalism and blind loyalty to the leader, who rules with forcible suppression towards opposition is also known as what? Fascism
What is the true definition of “Dictator”? Someone who is given supreme power yet returns that power after a specified period of time
Who were the 3 main dictators during World War 2? Mussolini, Hitler, Stalin
Communist Russia controlled their people in which areas of life? Church, media, school, family, economy
What did Stalin do to modernize Russia? Imprisoned or executed rivals and those who spoke out, Sent resisting citizens to labor camps, and Forced peasants to give up their land, goods and animals
What kind of political system did Benito Mussolini create? Fascist
What did Benito Mussolini do to control Italy? Jailed or executed critics, Banned freedom of press, and Eliminated all political parties
What were the charges called, that the Germans had to pay following World War 1? Reparations
Before World War 2 started, how much wealth did one have to give up to get out of Germany? 90%
What were the names of the laws that Nazis enforced, to show who was of Aryan descent? Nuremberg Laws
Before becoming dictator, what position was Hitler appointed to? Chancellor
In hopes of world conquest, Germany, Italy and Japan combined to form this military alliance. Axis Powers
Which countries or territories did Germany, Italy, and Japan first invade, kicking off what some would consider to be the beginning of World War 2? Japan/Manchuria, Italy/Ethiopia, Germany/Poland
The United States decided to sever its economic partnership with Japan by cutting of its supplies of what? Oil, Assets, and Steel
Which continents did Italy, Germany, and Japan want to rule over? Italy - Africa, Germany - Europe, Japan - Asia
Which three countries or territories did Japan invade? China, Indochina, and Manchuria
Which country supplied Japan with most of its military resources? United States
Which country supplied Japan with most of its military resources? League of Nations
What did Hitler do to defy the Treaty of Versailles? Rebuilt the German army, occupied the Rhineland, and annexed Austria.
How long did the bloodiest conflict in world history last? How many lives were lost? 30 years and 100 million people.
How many political rivals did Hitler have eliminated on the “Night of the Long Knives”? 100
What were Hitler’s factories disguised as? Elementary schools
What happened when Mussolini conquered Ethiopia? Nothing (crickets were chirping)
Who is the only man that intimidates Hitler? Stalin
What form of attacking helps avoid a “static” war? Blitzkrieg
What country gave Hitler his first defeat? Britain
Who did Hitler betray? Stalin
Which set of islands did Japan need to take in order to control Asia? Phillipin
What country was Hitler’s greatest threat? United States of America
Which city did Hitler decide to attack, instead of taking Moscow? Stalingrad
What action forces Roosevelt to pull Patton from active duty? Slapping a soldier
What was Patton armed with, for “Operation Fortitude”? Balloons
Which city did Hitler think the Allies were going to attack? Calais
Which leader died in 1945? Hitler, Mussolini, and Roosevelt
Created by: Boone555