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President Dwight Eisenhower He expanded Social Security, encouraged the Interstate Highway System, and supported civil rights by helping the Little Rock Nine attend class.
President John Kennedy His program was the "New Frontier"; wanted to end racial discrimination; assassinated in Texas
President Lyndon Johnson His program was the "Great Society"; encouraged Medicare for the elderly, Medicaid for the poor; war on poverty
President Richard Nixon His program was "New Federalism"; resigned due to Watergate Scandal
President Gerald Ford His program was "Whip Inflation Now" (WIN); supported Equal Rights Amendment
President Jimmy Carter He had to deal with energy crisis - gas shortages and high gas prices
President Ronald Reagan His program was Reaganomics; also had a "War on Drugs"; decreased inflation and increased employment, but govt. had a deficit
President George H.W. Bush He expanded Space Program and signed Americans with Disabilities Act
President Bill Clinton While president, govt. went from a deficit to a surplus; impeached for lying under oath, but NOT removed from office
President George Bush Worked for "No Child Left Behind" Act to improve school performance; Sept. 11th attacks occurred
Created by: karen.pharr
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