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OCS AH2 U7L1, N2

Protest Movements

Social Conformity following all the rules without being rebellious
Elvis Presley One of the most popular rock and roll artists
Beatles Most popular British band; part of British Invasion
Betty Friedan She wrote "The Feminine Mystique" about women who wanted more out of life than just being a wife and mother
Gloria Steinem Major leader of women's movement in the 1970's; editor of MS magazine
Roe vs. Wade (1973) Supreme Court case; gave women abortion rights
Phyllis Schlafly Female conservative activist; thought equal rights for women would take away female privileges
Cesar Chavez Mexican American who represented the interest of all farm workers
American Indian Movement Group that established national unity among American Indians; worked for payment for land lost
Rachel Carson Wrote "Silent Spring" about impact of pesticides on environment
Environmental Protection Agency Enforces Clean Air and Clean Water Acts
Hippies Part of the counterculture; active in several protests, including the Vietnam War
Created by: karen.pharr
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