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8th grd final exam

Nationalism intense loyalty to a country or group
central powers WW1 Austria- Hungary, Germany, Ottoman Empire
Allied Powers WW1 US, France, Britian, Italy
Archduke Franz Ferdinand his assassination was a short term cause of WW1, Was assassinated in Serbia by Bosnian nationals
Treaty of Versaille ended WW1 dealt harshly with Germany, considered a contributing factor to WW2 because of the economic impact on Germany
League Of Nations group of nations formed to prevent further wars supported by Wilson but not congress so US did not join
Fourteen Points Wilson's plan for points, League of Nations was the 14th
Nineteenth Amendment Gave Women the right to vote
Flappers liberated women of 1920s
Prohibition Volstead act, it banned the manufacture, sale, and transportation of liquor
Great Depression a period of economic depression in the 1930s
new deal Roosevelt's plan to improve the economy
on margin borrowing money to buy stock
America's presidents during WW1 Roosevelt and Truman
Churchill Britain's prime minster
Stalin leader of the soviet union
Mussolini Italy's leader
Allied powers WW2 US, France, Britain, Soviet Union
Axis Powers Germany, Italy
Anti- Semitism hatred of Jews
Pearl Harbor location of Japanese surprise attack on the us, more than 3,400 Americans were killed
Manchuria part of china invaded by the Japanese during the 1930s
Munich Conference Conference where appeasement was used and therefore Hitler was given the Studetenland
Stalingrad city in the soviet union where the battle was a turning point in the war
Hiroshima city where a nuclear bomb was dropped first
MacArthur Allied commander in the Phillippines
Eisenhower American general in Europe
Bataan location of a deadly march of American prisoners of war
nuremburg location of Nazi war trials
iron curtain division between communist and non communist Europe
NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organisation, defense org
Marshal Plan Economic aid to war torn Europe
Truman Doctrine aid to countries fighting communism
Plessy vs Ferguosn Supreme court decision upholding segregation
Brown vs Board of Education Supreme Court decision ruling school segregation unconstitutional
civil disobedience peacefully breaking the law
Dr. MLK Jr assassinated on April 4, 1968
Bay of Pigs a failed invasion of Cuba in Which we tried to overthrow Castro
Cuban Missile Crisis When the soviets tried to install missile launching sites in Cuba and America kept the away
Indochina area in southeast Asia controlled by France, includes Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam
Vietcong pro-communist forces in Vietnam
domino theory belief that if one country in southeast Asia fell to communism, all would
Nikita Khrushchev soviet leader during Cuban Missile Crisis
Hot line communication connection between Moscow and Washington, DC
Neil Armstrong first person to land on the moon
Created by: avate
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