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Social Studies Sec.3

Ch. 23 8th World War 1 Section 3 study guide

When the United States entered World War 1, what did General John J. Pershing insist? he insisted that the American Expeditionary Force fight as a separate army and receive three months of training
When American soldiers arrived in Europe in 1917 was the war almost over? The allies were dangerously near defeat
What gave Germany new hope of wining the war? Russia signing a peace treaty with the Central Powers and withdrawing from the war in early 1918
How did the Bolsheviks affect Russia's involvement in the war? they overthrew the Russian government which sparked a civil war, leading to Russia's withdraw from World War 1
Who made the decision to pull Russia out of world War 1? Vladimir Lenin
What was the Russian peace treaty with the Central Powers? The Treaty of Brest-Litovsk
How did the convoy system help the Allies at sea? by enabling destroyers to escort and protect groups of Allied merchant ships
Who was the last nation to surrender to Allied forces in 1918? Germany
What did Austria-Hungary's peace agreement with the Allies and starvation and rioting in Germany lead to? Kaiser Wilhelm 2 to give up his throne and flee to the Netherlands
What is the truce that ended active warfare and paved the way for a peace treaty? armistice
What was the first measure taken under the armistice reached on November 11, 1918? the German army agreeing to a cease fire
What happened when the armistice went into effect? the Allies insisted that the Germans pull back from all their conquered territory, destroy their aircraft, tanks, and big guns, and surrender their U-boats
Created by: lindseylandewee