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trail to the civil w

network of abolitionists that helped slaves escape. choo choo underground railroad
spoke out against slavery in a speech called "the crime against kansas". afterwards was beaten with a cane charles sumner
ran for president under the whig party in 1848. TIPACANOE and tyler two zachary taylor
the vice president for zachary taylor. tipacanoe and TYLER TWO john tyler
"the great compromiser and pacifier" henry clay
under zachary taylors presidency 5 things were promised in 1850. Clay, Calhoun, and Webster contributed compromise of 1850
whatever has the highest vote wins. the people of the territory can vote but people out of the state would vote popular sovereignty
contributed to the dred scott decision stephen douglass
nebraska and kansas dont want slavery, so they decide their fates by popular sovereignty kansas/nebraska act
"the sword" killed slave owners with an axe to try to abolish slavery. he also said he was a prophet of God. he led 19 men into harpers ferry john brown
wrote an anti-slavery newspaper called "the liberator" william lloyd garrison
the writer of uncle toms cabin harriet beecher stowe
a book about the horrors of slavery which sold in the millions uncle toms cabin
the law that states that any black (free or slave) didnt have rights fugitive slave law
laws in the north that were non-kidnapping laws that protected free blacks from being kidnapped and brought into slavery by the south liberty laws
the democratic president before lincoln. did nothing about the succeeding states james buchanan
wrote the dred scott decision roger taney
officer in the civil war in the confederate army. also arrested john brown at harpers ferry robert e. lee
john brown led 19 men here to seize a federal armory. the first man killed was a slave. harpers ferry
union party candidate for the 1860 election john bell
secretary of state under james buchanan lewis cass
colonization or abolition anti-slavery society
said that the rights of the south needed to be protected and helped with the compromise of 1850 john calhoun
helped create the compromise of 1850 daniel webster
preached at brooklyn church with over 2000 congregants about the issues of slavery william ward beecher
anything above this line was free and anything below was slave 3630
missouri wanted to become a free state but couldnt so it was compromised that maine would be free and missouri would be slave missouri compromise
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