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Civil War Vocab

It's very fun

Sectionalism Loyalty to one's own region or section of country.
Fugitive A person that has escaped a place or is in hiding from the authorities to avoid arrest and persecution.
Secede To withdraw from a country or nation to become independent.
Abstain To refrain from casting ones vote for a proposal or motion.
Popular Sovereignty The principle that the authority of a state and it's government is created and sustained by the peoples consent through elected representatives.
Border Ruffians Pro-slavery activists from the state of Missouri that forced people in Kansas Territory to accept slavery.
Arsenal A place where military arms and equipment are produced and stored.
Secession The withdraw of eleven Southern states from the Union to form the Confederacy.
States Rights The rights and powers held by the individual states instead of the federal government.
Border State The slave states that bordered the Northern states during the Civil War.
Blockade The closing of a place to prevent people and goods from entering or leaving.
Offensive An attacking military campaign.
Rebel A person that rises in armed resistance against a government or ruler.
Yankee A person that lives in one of the Northern state.
Blockade Runner A ship that is used to attempt to get into a blocked port.
Ironclad A steam propelled warship that is protected by iron or steel armor plates.
Casualty People that are killed or badly injured during a war.
Emancipate To set people free from slavery.
Ratify To make a treaty, contract, or agreement official by signing or voting for it.
Habeas Corpus A court order requiring a person under arrest to be brought before a judge.
Draft A system for selecting young men to serve in the military during times of war.
Bounty Money that is paid to encourage trade .
Greenback A dollar bill.
Inflation An increase in prices and fall in the purchasing value of money.
Entrenched An establish attitude, habit, or belief that is very difficult or unlikely to change.
Total War A war that has no restrictions in terms of weapons used, land or people involved, or the objective pursued.
Created by: Ratking0325