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CBA #3 Review


What is a slave? Someone who is owned by another person and forced to obey them. They work very hard for no pay.
What is a sharecropper? A farmer who gives part of what they harvest to pay rent for the land they live on.
Who was President of the United States during the period of slavery? President Lincoln
How did President Lincoln feel about slavery? He hated the fact that African Americans were treated so horribly.
Name a document that freed the all slaves. The Emancipation Proclamation
A "cattle queen" from Texas who worked as a book keeper for cowboys on trail drives. She was the first person to drive a herd of cattle along the Chisholm Trail. Lizzie Johnson
Inventor of barbed wire fencing Joseph Glidden
Oil was first found in this Texas town. Beaumont, Texas at Spindletop
What caused Texas to become a Confederate state during the Civil War? The new US President wanted to abolish slavery. Texas still wished to own slaves.
During the Civil War the Northern states were called? The Union. They did not believe in slavery. They like to follow the rules of the US.
The states that went against the Union in the Civil War were called? The Confederacy. They liked slavery. They wanted to nullify rules they didn't want to follow.
At the end of the cattle drive business, how were goods transported from place to place? Railroads that ran on steam.
Oil, Cattle, Space, Technology, and Railroads are all examples of what? Industries
Who is Raul Gonzalez? The first elected or appointed Hispanic to hold an office in Texas.
What is the Great Depression? 1929-1939 when many industries and the stock market began to crash. Many economic problems during this time.
What is the Dust Bowl? Deadly wind erosion caused by a drought that damaged many prairies in America.
Created by: 4ssgccisd
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