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Who is 'Sul' Ross? 19th governor of Texas
What did the constitution of 1876 establish?
Haven't learned
Who was in power on the party side? Democrats
After the Indians were gone, What was the purpose of the Texas Rangers? Fighting Crime
What does reform mean? Make changes to improve
What was overcharging and making the people want to fight? Railroads
Who was James Hogg ? 20th governor
What was James Hoggs original job? What did he have to do? Why did he do it? A type setter- arranged letters for newspaper- he was broke b/c his parents died and he had to take care of his brothers and sisters
Who was a HIGHLY ENERGETIC governor? James Hogg
How did James Hogg treat Texas? Any words that means good
Why did Gov. Hogg work so hard to establish Texas Railroad Commission? To control railroad overpowerment, because the railroad took advantage of farmer and other people.
What was the purpose of TRC? To oversee Railroad
Who opposed the TRC? Why? Railroads, because the TRC was "babysitting them"
Who supported the TRC? Why? Farmers/those who were taken advantage of, because TRC controlled railroad.
How did the alliances, created around the issue of the RC, impact the 1892 Gubernatorial Election? Opponents of TRC backed George Clark and Supporters of TRC backed Thomas L. Nugent
Created by: Emily Searle