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Mr. Stickler's Liberty Christian US HIST "WW II" Test Flashcards 2018

What does the term "facism" mean/ refer to? This term means "an aggressive nationalistic movement that considered the nation more important than the individual".
Which leader established Communist governments throughout the Russian Empire? Vladimir Lenin.
What was the Neutrality Act of 1935? This legislation made it illegal for Americans to sell arms to any country at war.
What does the term "internationalism" mean/ refer to? This was the idea that "trade between nations creates prosperity and helps prevent war".
Which 3 nations did dictators govern during the years after World War I? 1.) Italy; 2.) USSR; 3.) Germany.
What events caused Roosevelt to become more of an internationalist? The Japanese invasion of China caused this.
Why did antidemocratic governments rise to power to postwar Europe and Asia? 1.) Unhappiness with Treaty of Versailles; 2.) Worldwide economic depression.
What does the term "appeasement" mean/ refer to where WW II is concerned? This term refers to the incident in which Britain and France gave in to Adolph Hitler's demands at the Munich Conference.
What does the term "blitzkrieg" mean/ refer to? This term means "lightning war". This is the type of attack that Germany used against Poland that used tanks and waves of aircraft in the attack.
Why did Europe's leaders first try to deal with Hitler through appeasement? They believed that Hitler had few demands and that by giving in they could prevent another war.
Why was the decision to leave French forces behind the Maginot Line disastrous for Europe? It allowed Germany to concentrate on Poland first; when Germany went around the line, troops were trapped in Belgium.
In what ways ways did Winston Churchill prove to be an effective leader for Britain as the war began? Churchill was determined to prevent the Germans from controlling Britain.
What was the new type of warfare used by Germany against Poland? Explain the technique. "Blitzkrieg"; a lightning war in which tanks on the ground supported airstrikes.
What was "kristallnacht"? The term means "night of broken glass": it stands for the events of November 9, 1938 when anti-Jewish violence erupted in Germany & Jewish owned businesses were looted & synagogues were burned down.
What does the term "Gestapo" mean/ refer to? This term refers to the German government's secret police force during World War II.
What early steps did Germany take in persecution of Jewish people? Required them to live in ghettos, deprived them of citizenship & their right to vote, identified them in passports and through yellow stars as Jewish, & committed violence against them during Kristallnacht.
What was the purpose of the Wannsee Conference? The purpose of this was to determine the "final solution of the Jewish question".
What early efforts did Roosevelt make to help the British? 1.) Destroyers for bases; 2.) the Lend - Lease Act; 3.) the hemispheric defense zone.
What was the "hemispheric defense zone"? Why was it developed?` This was an imaginary line dividing the Atlantic Ocean to justify patrolling for German submarines that were disrupting British shipping.
Why was the United States unprepared for Japan's attack on Pearl Harbor? The United States did not expect Japan to attack a target at such a distance. It also failed to correctly interpret military information.
In the video that we watched, "Third Reich: The Rise", list the things that Adolph Hitler did to gain the support of the majority of the German people. 1.) Said that he would "put Germans back to work"; 2.) Told Germans that the Nazi flag was colored with the "blood of martyrs", referring to German soldiers who had died during WWI; 3.) Rigged political elections; 4.) Committed terrorist acts.
In "Third Reich: The Rise", how did Hitler assure that the Nazi party would take control of Germany? 1.) Made sure he was elected to a political office; 2.) Ordered the German parliament building bombed; 3.) Blamed Communist party members for the bombing; 4.) Had all Communists arrested & put into concentration camps.
Why did Adolph Hitler make most of his speeches to lower class Germans? He did this because the nation was going through an economic depression and he knew that his message of putting them back to work would resonate with them; there were more lower class than upper class Germans.
How many days was it (after Hitler was voted into political office) until he was named Chancellor? 52 days.
What did Roosevelt and Churchill agree at the Casablanca Conference? They agreed to step up the bombing of Germany.
What was the Pas-de-Calais? This is the area of France that is closest to Great Britain.
What was the term that was used for advancing to Japan by moving from island to island in the Pacific Ocean? The term for this was "island - hopping".
Who did President Roosevelt choose to be the commander of "Operation Overlord"? Roosevelt chose General Eisenhower for this.
After several delays, when did the D-Day Invasion finally start? This invasion started on June 6, 1944.
How many paratroopers were dropped inland, east and west of the beaches, during the D-Day Invasion? 23,000 of these types of soldiers were used during D-Day.
Who was Winston Churchill? He became the British Prime Minister in June, 1940. He replaced Neville Chamberlain.
Who was Benito Mussolini? He founded Italy's Fascist Party in 1919. He later became a dictator of that country.
Who was Vladimir Lenin? He founded the Communist Party after the Russian Revolution.
Who was Joseph Stalin? He became the new Soviet dictator in 1926.
How did Congress support factories that converted to war production (during WWII)? By allowing the Reconstruction Finance Corporation to make loans to companies who wanted to convert their factories to war production.
What role did the Office of War Mobilization (OWM) play in the war production effort? This group served as a mediator between different government agencies.
How were minorities discriminated against in the military? They were placed in segregated units, with segregated barracks, mess halls, latrines (bathrooms), and recreational facilities. They were often assigned to non-combat duties such as construction & supply units.
Created by: sticklerpjpII


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