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Amend.11-27 Review

What was 13th Amendment was aimed to end this in the U.S.? Slavery
Who did the the 14th Amendment stop from serving in the government? Confederate leaders
The 16th Amendment allowed what type of tax on income? Federal Income Tax
A lawsuit brought forward by a US Citizen or foreign nation must be tried in which level of the court system? State Courts
The power to “directly” elect US Senators was given to who? People
According to the 18th Amendment what was prohibited with respect to alcoholic beverages? Sale, production, and transportation
According to the 15th Amendment, the right for African American males to vote was not to be left up to the? States
According to the 12th Amendment, the votes for each office would be ______ and _______ separately. Listed and counted
Which amendment was nullified? 18th
Which amendment nullified the 18th amendment? 21st
According to the 22nd Amendment, who was the president to “first” set the two-term limit? George Washington
Amendment 23 applied to presidential electors in this geographical region? Washington District of Columbia
Many states in which geographical region denied African American males the right to vote? The South
Which of the following was the antecedent historical event for the 12th Amendment? (i.e. what was the event was the reason that the 12th amendment was written?) Election of 1800
March 04th was the “original” date of what event? The inauguration of a US President
Wyoming was the first state to do what? Allow women to vote
One amendment changed the voting age from what age to what age? 21 to 18
What is a poll tax? It was was often a fee that persons were required to pay in the Southern states
What does the term due process mean? It reflects the idea that an accused person(s) has the right to defend themselves in a court of law.
What does the terms succession mean? This term is applied for who becomes the president if the president is unable to complete his term of office
What does suffrage mean? The right to vote
What does the term nullify mean? To end
abolish to put an end to
prohibit forbid
antecedent an event that existed before
Created by: mrsmurphy14