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Apply Bill of Rights

Samantha is accused of selling drugs. When she appears before the judge, she asks for a lawyer because she can’t afford one herself. The judge denies her access to a lawyer. 6th Amendment
Maya went on a job interview and mentioned that she belonged the Church of Everyday Salvation. She did not get the job because the interviewer didn’t like this church. 1st Amendment
Liz is accused of murder and given a trial. The jury finds her innocent. The prosecutor is unhappy with the verdict, has police arrest her and recharge her with murder. (double jeopardy) 5th Amendment
Chris lives near a factory that emits thick, black smoke into the air. He holds a meeting at his house to discuss action. The police show up and arrest them. 1st Amendment
Ray bought and registered a shotgun to hunt near his farm in rural Arkansas, but when visiting Ray, the local sheriff arrested him for possessing the gun. 2nd Amendment
Charlie is watching Jersey Shore one Thursday night when the police knock at his door. They accuse him of owning stolen property and force their way into his house. 4th Amendment
Matt is accused of robbing a 7-11. When he appears before the judge, the judge says he will decide the case for himself. 6th Amendment
Christine is arrested for shoplifting a pair of jeans from Forever 21. When she is arraigned, the judge sets bail at $3 million dollars. 8th Amendment
Fort Meade is overflowing with military soldiers. The government orders each family in the city of Alexandria, Virginia to feed and house two soldiers. 3rd Amendment
James got in a fight after school yesterday and punched another student. He was arrested and convicted at trial. Instead of jail time, his punishment would be a caning of 100 lashes in the auditorium with the entire school watching. 8th Amendment
Members of Congress are unhappy with students’ standardized test scores. ¬They pass a federal law that abolishes local school boards and requires a national, standardized curriculum. 10th Amendment
A person who enters a room and screams "Bomb!" just to see the reaction of the people in the room is protected under provisions in the Bill of Rights. 1st Amendment (no violation)
Coach Fowler drank Mrs. Seale’s Coca-Cola and ate her Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups on Friday. He also lost one of the Mini IPADS. Mrs. Seale wants a court to hear her case and have him pay for the items he consumed or lost which were worth $198.50 . 7th Amendment
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